some of my favorite Horror Films

So This is a list of  some of my  Favorite horror films.  not a top overall but i enjoyed the hell out of these ones

1) Hellraiser

2) John Carpenter’s Halloween

3) Fright Night

4) Evil Dead

5)  Saw 2

6) Hostel 2

7) New Nightmare

8)  Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

9) Hellraiser IV Bloodlines

10) House of 1000 Corpses

11) Rob Zombie’s Halloween

12) Chainsaw Sally

13) Hellraiser 3

photos are from photobucket


2 Responses to “some of my favorite Horror Films”

  1. Holy shit…………..u r random dude……….lots of Horror flicks reviewed!!! You are frightening……….LMAO!!!

  2. some of these are classics 🙂 i’ll give you chainsaw sally is out of the norm but that was an awesome movie 🙂

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