Tank Girl – The Royal Escape

ok so i just got caught up on the missing issues of the new Tank Girl mini series put out by IDW Comics. minus the one from today which i have yet to read but will soon. i’ll post a full review when the series draws to an end. so look for it next month. but so far the 2 issues that i have read  it’s not that bad. if you been following the series so far it’s an obvious no brainier to pick up today’s issue or if your a fan of Tank Girl and haven’t checked out the series yet this might be something you want to check out. for your casual reader or if your not to familiar with Tank Girl. you might want to  wait for the trade to come out for this series. but in the meantime while you wait go back check out the previous Tank Girl Comics so you know what your getting into. if you like what your reading then by all means by this series when it comes to trade paperback format. i’m sure your local comic shop will have it in.


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  1. […] for you new readers to my blog/site I covered the previous issues here and here. So if your a new reader or just want a quick refresher feel free to check them out before […]

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