Tank Girl The Royal Escape #3

so this morning i had the chance to tear through Tank Girl : The Royal Escape #3 and tear through it i did like a kid on Christmas  opening presents in the morning. so with that said  i was not disappointed in anyway in how this issue delivered. in fact i’m now look more forward to reading issue 4.  the only sad thing about reading  issue 4  is that it brings the end to this mini series. so like i stated before i’ll post a total review when the arc is finished but for now  i just had to post an update on how much i enjoyed this 3rd issue.

in this issue some of the best lines that can be written in a comic were spawned out of this issue. for example : “here comes the mother lovin’ army just to put the icing right on top of my fucking happy cake” or ” i will eat your crappy army for breakfast and shit out their dog tags at tea time”. seriously though those are just some really kick ass lines in a comic.  i really loved that icing on top of my fucking happy cake line, one word amazing.  but then again it’s Tank Girl so it’s to be expected.

so anywho check back once issue 4 is released sometime next month as i’ll post an in depth review on this mini series.

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