What Did he just say? Edited TV Gets a Rant

Ah it’s Saturday night and you know what that means Saturday night TV.  Showcasing Saturday night TV are movies that  have the Crap edited out of them so all the good stuff is completely gone. you all know what i’m talking about. you get to the gory part in the horror film and it’s cut, the bad ass line in the action flick is replaced with something that takes the sizzle out of the line, or the funny joke in a comedy is edited because it involved one of the seven words you can’t say on tv.  that’s one of the reasons why i can’t watch some of the movies that come on regular TV.  for example not that i enjoyed Snakes on a plane but this is a great example of what i’m talking about.

it was supposed to be a bad ass line but i think Monkey Fighting took the Bad Ass out of that line.  funny thing though Monday to Friday wasn’t to bad.  here’s a second one that was way too fucking funny to hear

again another Bad Ass line cut. so this is when i usually pull out the DVD and sit down and watch my movie the way it was intended to be seen.  i know there’s not really anything anyone can do about this due to FCC rules but  it’s just a little thing i felt like ranting on about tonight.


3 Responses to “What Did he just say? Edited TV Gets a Rant”

  1. maybe we just need the censors to go on strike again? I have no idea if you are old enough enough to recall Saturday Night Live back in the 70’s during the tv censor strike. the goal of the night was to see just how many times they could say the word penis (then forbidden) in the course of their allotted time on the air.

    i hear ya though!

  2. yeah that was a little before my time but that would be funny to have seen though.

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