Who We Truly Are

Ok so i feel like being completely random right now and feel like posting something that i see  happens a lot in todays world. so let me start off by saying i’m not out to offend anyone with this post. this is made in my point of view so it should be viewed in that way.

Sometimes when i step out my door and go to a mall or a bar or what have you i feel like i’m at a costume party and i’m the only one who showed up with out a costume.  after a while you might be able to seek out a few others who ” are not in costume” but it’s a very select handful at least in my opinion. maybe more depending where your at or who is willing to share of themselves.  but still at least to me the numbers are very low. are there only that so few of us who truly embrace who we truly are openly? like the Flower Child who is not afraid to admit who she is, the homosexual who is not afraid to admit that she or he is gay, or the people who have passions for something that’s not deemed normal and are open about their passions. why are  these people ridiculed and hated for embracing who they are and what their interests might be? why are some afraid to let that true side of us show?  is it we fear the ridicule and the hate of that an open individual would? or is it we fear what we do not know or understand? or is it just me seeing things from the wrong point of view? i’m not going to lie to you  it could very well be just me but in all honesty i can’t be that far off when you hear about a gay man that is dragged down a street  tied to a truck killing him, a couple beaten up in a park in England for embracing the Gothic life style, the kid picked on in school because he reads Amazing Spider-Man instead of being a football player, or the looks of disgust that shows on people that pass by faces that one gets when going  out to a night club for fetish night. after even seeing what i wrote  it’s no wonder why some feel that they have to put on a mask.

so what point am i trying to make? while some of our interests,likes, sexuality, and life styles differ were all still human. it’s what makes us us. if we weren’t different we would all be clones of one another.  so in my opinion  as long as your not hurting anybody or yourself you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are. we shouldn’t put on masks to hide whom we truly are. we should come as we are because it’s who we are not what we are trying to be.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense as sometimes my thoughts can get jumbled up while i type.


2 Responses to “Who We Truly Are”

  1. Ian Michalski Says:

    I will be the first in line to admit that I have gone through some rather bizarre phases throughout my life. Some of them were simply vague whims that I myself didn’t fully understand at the time. However whatever my feverish mind has prompted me to present or reinvent myself as, I have always worn my eccentricities on my proverbial sleeve, like a colorful manic circus to be seen by anyone within viewing range. Admission is always free, and your never going to see the same show twice. It may be incomprehensible, unfathomable, and downright questionable, but it will always be right out in the open air. And it will always be undeniably ME.

    • This is so true in your case. that from when we were friends back in high school you were always the one who beat to the sound of his own drum. you were not afraid to embrace who you were. i just wish more people in this world can embrace who they are and not hide it. you never know just how many more people you might meet on life’s path if more were willing to share of themselves. i thank you for taking the time to read this.

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