Alternative Beauty Of The Day 5/25

Kat- Alternative/Fetish Model and performer she  also is an alternative clothing designer

you can find more on Kat over at her blog , or you can Visit Her Myspace . from where these pictures were taken from. on up coming shows near you or shows in other states  you can vist the myspace for Single Cell Productions right Here. they preformed last year here in buffalo and the show was amazing. if they come back in this area i would recommend if your into this kind of thing you stop by.

there’s the Flier from last years show. i actually met kat after the show from the short time i got to talk to her she seemed like a pretty cool individual. i got a flier like this one signed by her as well.


2 Responses to “Alternative Beauty Of The Day 5/25”

  1. absolutelly amazing hottie! was with the blogger… she was incredible and even shaved her head for one of the acts she wa in! totally crushing on this super hot chicka!!

  2. it was a fun fucking time…… so want to see them again…..

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