Lets Talk about What People Won’t..

So last night i had an interesting conversation with my friend about something  a lot of people are afraid to talk about and that is porn. now the conversation was about a fact that i saw online. the fact was 72 million people access an adult site world wide monthly. to me this number seems kind of low. espically when you add the world wide factor into it. now i know what your saying that 72 million people is a lot of fucking people. but here’s my point there are a bunch of people out there who are probably afraid to admit they go to an adult based website so they wouldn’t be part of that quota.so why do they have this fear? well there are many factors you have to take into account here.

first being the media, the church and your local politicians slamming porn as a tool of corruption and a tool of the devil. looking at porn is a sin as deemed by the church. well lets take a look at these statements. you have the priest who carries the torch for his alter boys and you have the politician who fucks the high paid prostitute. no not all of theses groups of people do this i’m just saying it’s usually the guy on his high horse throwing stones at something that is the one contradicting his “stand on the subject”. so are they right can porn corrupt? it can corrupt if you let it corrupt you. or you don”t know any better. remember we have a thing called impulse control. you know the thing that stop us from doing very bad shit.  so if you go and do something that is bad and you hurt someone or break the law it’s not porns fault. it’s yours or your minds. it’s just like how the same people love to blame movies and video games for violence and killings. having a low impulse control is a mental problem and yes  it’s something that you may not be in control over but at least you should let your doctor know or some one you feel comfortable talking to know if you start having bad thoughts so they can get you the help you need. but if you know it’s wrong and do it anyway well that’s all on you pal.

secondly there is the people who can’t because they don’t want their wives and girlfriends or husbands and boyfriends know they look at other flesh other then their significant other. funny thing about that is quite a few couples like to spice up their sex life with the use of adult content. they use porn to add the extra zing .  then you have the adolescent teen looking at porn because he or she is going through that stage in their life and can’t admit it because of the grounding his parents will give him or her and rightfully so. IN NO WAY SHOULD YOUNG ADULTS LOOK AT PORN! so parents of  young adults please if i can have anything to say to you that might mean something out of what you read here it’s know what your kids are doing, use your Internets site blocker check your cookies and history after your kids use. know who your kids talk to online.  being a monitor of what your kids  do might make you the bad guy to them but in actual reality you are a fucking superhero! because their minds haven’t fully developed yet. that can’t process  what you and i can. yes they know between right and wrong but their mind isn’t as developed as yours or mine. so agian i might sound like a broken record but TALK TO YOUR KIDS! and KNOW WHAT THEY DO ONLINE.

so anywho after my GI JOE PSA up there this seems to go back to my mask rant i made a few days ago. why be afriad to admit something that is an interest or a like?   yes Porn is a thing that something for your privet part of your life. but when asked do you look at porn? why lie what do you have to be ashamed of ? like i said 72 million is a lot of fucking people but it’s an asinine number because there are and i’m sure as shit a lot more people then 72 million world wide that access an adult based websites on a monthly basis, remember folks questionnaires  are conducted anomalously so the world won’t know that john doe at 123 your address in your city, usa looks at porn 3 times weekly. my point is why be so ashamed?

as always these things are written in my point of view and should be taken that way. we all have our points of view this is mine


5 Responses to “Lets Talk about What People Won’t..”

  1. your point is wrong!!! hahaha jk. i think you might be off a touch tho fro my point of view. yes 72 million people is small for registered sites. at least that what it seems like you mean. i know when i was in 8th grade or whatever grade it was when i was looking at porn, i couldnt afford paid sites. i also wouldnt have anyway, because come on… i would have been in a shit load of trouble, and who has a credit card at 13ish? my point, before i digress, is there were a ton of places to get it. it could be from people you were trading with, friends who put it on there, etc. nowadays it is like 1000000000 times easier to find free things. come on now. so i dont think its a matter of going to specific sites anymore. so i think that is a large number of people who still actually seek it out on adult sites.
    i also dont think porn is as much “the devil” like your making it out with children. i mean you are but arent. yes you dont want your children watching it, because they might try things they definately arent ready for as well as the reprocussions. i wouldnt want my young child watching porn but if it were to happen i wouldn’t scream and yell, its human nature. well mostly. this is where you become a parent and explain things to them, right and wrong. i guess i shouldn’t use wrong…. regular and exploritory. ok i yammered enough.

    • the fact that was on line wasn’t stating if people register or not just how many people go to an online adult site. so if they buy or not wasn’t included in the info. i think if it was how many people pay for porn monthly it would be like 10 million. i don’t disagree with they why pay for it when you can get it for free stance. but even if you go in to a you don’t have to register but you can download all this porn free or an message board that gives links to download porn it is still an adult site.
      as for Porn being the “Devil” that’s not what i was trying to throw across the minds of people. i like porn i like porn as much as the next guy. but i think you should enjoy it at an appropriate age though. so i think i should have phrased it you shouldn’t allow young adults to look at porn. like you said they might try things or do things they aren’t ready for. no i wouldn’t scream at my kids if they were watching porn but i agree talk to your kids. so they know and understand things.

  2. smartshopnow Says:

    I’m surprised one little fact inspired conversations that cover so many topics lol. I agree with both comments. As far as children, it definately is up to the parents to inform and discuss this an many other subjects…thats the bottom line on that. It’s the “you can’t” and the curiosity factor in children that cause problems. A good discussion can reduce a lot of problems.
    The 72 million figure, I would guess are from those who are not afraid to admit their pleasures, or “hide behind a mask”.
    The other points made in the post are valid and are definately worthy of conversation.

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