Let’s Talk More About What People Won’t

ok so this time this one was spun out of a video spotlight i posted here on the Blog. for those of you who watched you probably already know where this is going but for those of you whom did not (and shame on you) i will fill you in the video was posted by the new Youtube show Dark Planet . now not only was Ayria a guest on the show but it also spotlighted a Toronto based super Fetish show.  so for those of my readers with the powers of the force you might be able to see where this is going.  at the end of the video the host asked the man responsible for putting on these super shows what he thought about the people that turned their nose or were afraid of the word fetish.   so seeing how my pro porn conversation went on here i thought this would be a perfect topic of conversation for this blog. since we are all willing to talk about topics that other people won’t ( you guys know me defiling the internet with every post).

So the point to this post is why are some people afraid of this word or this act? why do people turn up there noes when they hear the word? why does this have such a bad name? and as one of my friends put it why do people look at you like your going to kill someone when they hear the word? again if we see a recurring theme here folks well congratulations to you. well to me at least i think that it largely falls on people being afraid of what they do not know or understand. well why don’t people know what it is or understand it? because it’s another thing in the ever growing topics that isn’t widely discussed. you won’t see Larry King or Dateline do a exploit on fetishism on their shows unless it’s the evil that it might cause. in this world or at least to me we have a ton of close minded individuals. just look how society black balls the gay community or anyone different for that matter of fact. i truly think a lot more people have fetishes but just are afraid to talk about it. especially since there is  such a broad horizon of things that fetish covers. things such as bondage,foot,spanking, latex, and even blood and there is a ton more.  so why be afraid? well in my opinion at least and you can take it for what it is as long as your not committing any crime ( for example child abuse, animal abuse or other such acts)  why hide a like or a passion of yours when asked or if ever asked? why look like you don’t know what a person is talking about when they bring a subject up in conversation? like i said before yes we all have different likes, tastes, and interest but it’s what makes us us. we or at least me don’t want you to drink any kool aid and join a cult.you won’t turn into a sadist, as some would have you think. like girl put it in the video “it’s an expression” and hey if it’s not your thing it’s not your thing and that’s fine. i just think people as a whole should be more open minded to other things though and not condemn. but wishing for that might just be a moot point in this day in age.

again this like many other points of views are that of my own opinion and should be taken that way. no offense was intended for anyone.


5 Responses to “Let’s Talk More About What People Won’t”

  1. personally i think it is out of fear. perhaps fear that if it is allowed into the light of day it may become commonly accepted by society at large. and it’s something THEY personally find disturbing or offensive in some way and therefore not to be discussed in polite company.

    just my humble 2 cents worth.

    • and your humble 2 cents was very good input into this. i like your point of view about fear, of it being commonly accepted. i think that fear of common acceptance happens with a lot of subjects as well and not just fetishism. look at gay rights for example it’s not as bad as it once was but still you have some people up in arms so to speak about if gays should be allowed to get married. at that point wouldn’t the gay lifestyle at least in my mind be a common acceptance of society? or i could be way off the mark on that statement. but anywho as always thank you for sharing. that’s why i like to post these subjects so points of view about topics such as this one could be shared. you are always more then welcome to share your points of view here.

  2. Gays, fetishism, Witches, Muslims, poly-love, open marriage, anything outside their narrow perception of the world scares people. It’s fear of the unknown. If “I” have no experience with it and I am too lazy to find out about it, it’s easier to condemn it as evil or immoral or whatever label I can slap on it to make it wrong, than to face it, deal with it and maybe have to admit _I_ was wrong.

    Unfortunately it is human nature. Personally, I do my best to live and let live as long as there is no harm done, let people do as they will (within reason of course *smirk*).

    And it harm none do ye what you will…..

    • well put. very well put indeed. you couldn’t have been said any better. and your last statement just goes to show that you seem or at least to me that you are a very open minded individual. i wish more people were like that in the world today on any subjects just like the ones you named above. i couldn’t agree more that it’s definitely is the fear of the unknown. or like you said the i don’t feel like furthering my knowledge on a subject. so lets just agree or jump on the bandwagon of what everyone else is saying rather then face it and admit i could have been wrong. again that was very well put.

  3. […] course for you new readers that post spawned off an interesting discussion of which can be found here if you haven’t seen them […]

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