Nightmare on Elm St Remake Not Such a Nightmare After All

so after much procrastination i finally saw the new Nightmare On Elm St. the other day. now going into this movie i though i was going to hate it and my friends were even more sure i was going to hate it.well to their surprise and not to mention my surprise  i actually enjoyed the film.

now don’t get me wrong the classic is still the best as is any classic horror film that is re made at least in my opinion. as far as remakes go this one wasn’t too bad. i was thinking it was going to be a lot worse. the funny thing about this movie when i heard people talk about it was they all said “it was the same but different”. at that point i was wondering how can that be?? well after seeing the movie i can understand how the got that opinion. it was the same story burned and murdered child molester terrifies the children of elm st from the beyond in the one place they aren’t so safe, their dreams.  so in that aspect that is all the is the same between both movies.

now on to the differences with this film: Freddy for one was a very different from his classic counterpart. now anyone who saw and remembers the original Nightmare On Elm st will be expecting to hear Robert Englund’s sadistic voice as soon as you see this films incarnation of Freddy appear on screen. so it takes a little while to get used to Jackie Earle Haley’s voice of this classic character. i know at least for me it did. also Freddy’s appearance was different as well looking more of a burn victim than an actual monster from your nightmares.  all surface things aside though the take of this Freddy was a major difference as well. Haley’s version of Freddy portrayed him in more of the sick fuck light then of the sadistic monster light as the classic Freddy was painted and that was something Freddy truly was a sick fuck. so it was interesting to see that take on Freddy. it was also interesting to see this films take on the origin of Freddy as well.

the films dream sequences were pretty cool in the eerie sense. the one in particular i will  refer to is a soon as Nancy gets out of the tub and she walks into her now snow covered room. the way they made that look just added  that extra level of creepy/eeriness to that was like “oh holy shit she’s dreaming” and that happened a few times in the film. it was also nice to see some of the classic scare tactics that the first one had used redone up with newer technology. like how Freddy’s face appeared in the wall while Nancy was sleeping in the original. in this one they added a lot more movement the wall scare to it  to try to creep out the movie going crowd and creepy it was.

overall though not a bad movie like i thought it was going to be at first. it still doesn’t even come close to the original but then again what the hell was 4,5, and 6 though. the acting in this film with the exception of Jackie Earle Haley wasn’t the greatest and i’ll admit that but then again it’s a horror film and i know as horror fans we aren’t paying our hard earned dollars these days to see the best acting. we are paying to see something scary something gory something that no other film genre can offer us. we are paying to see horror. so if i must be in the small populous that enjoyed this film then that’s where i’ll be then.


6 Responses to “Nightmare on Elm St Remake Not Such a Nightmare After All”

  1. I personally had been avoiding seeing this incarnation of Freddy as one of my best “formation of a horror junkie” memories is the original Nightmare movie seen in a dank little theatre with my best bud. The two of us clutching each other in the dark and jumping out of our skins at the age of 14 or so. However your review has intrigued me enough to consent to seeing it. Hmmm.

    In a somewhat unrelated side note; I had the pleasure several years ago of actually meeting the original Freddy (Mr. Robert Englund) and spoke with him on several topics. I found him to be a gentle soft spoken soul who was very kind to my kid sister. She was a huge fan of V at the time and he sent her flowers just because she wrote him a fan letter while he was in our hometown in south-western VA. I wonder what his opinion of the remake is?

    • wow that must have been awesome to have had the pleasure of meeting Robert Englund! that does sound real nice on what he did. when i read that i had to say to myself Freddy really?
      i’m so glad that their is another horror junkie amongst us here. i personally love horror flicks myself. so that is why i had the same stance you did there was just something about the original that was just like this is what a horror film should be like. so that’s why my friends even myself thought i was going to hate the film. but like i said the film wasn’t all that bad as i thought it was going to be. yes it’s not the first one and won’t hold a candle to it but it’s a very interesting take on Freddy and one at least any fan of Freddy in my opinion at least should see.

      but not to sound like i’m ripping this line from a movie but kind of interested now what your favorite horror film?

      • Now that’s a tough one. My favorites are in the horror genre but not your classic horror blood fest. They’re more the psychological horror flick. The Original “Nightmare” of course, but there’s also a film called “The Order” with Heath Ledger and most of the cast from “A Knight’s Tale”. It’s such a complete story. You really have to pay attention but it leaves no loose ends at all. I also really like “The Serpent and the Rainbow”. There are SO many good horror flicks over the years, it’s hard to narrow it down to a favorite.

        I’m also a huge fan of the written word, I especially like Stephen King. Hollywood always screws it up though. Perfect example is “Pet Cemetery”; the book ending was perfect, just perfect! But let Hollywood get hold of it and they bludgeon you with the obvious. Just like they beat Jason and Freddy and Michael to death – no pun intended, LOL.

        The first true horror flick I can recall watching alone was “Cujo” and I was hooked, but “A Nightmare on Elm Street” sealed the deal for life. So there ya go, not really a singular answer but hopefully some insight to what you were looking for.

      • i can’t say how true that is about how Hollywood seems to screw things up and beats things to death. funny thing actually that’s one of the basis for my next little rant coming up. but i hear you on enjoying written word. a lot Stephen King’s early written works were amazing! i own a lot of them in my every expanding library. which i must say sucks when you have to move. as for the Order i have yet to see that one. but from the way your talking about it i must say it sounds pretty interesting and it sounds like i’m missing out. so i think i might have to rent the film kind of soonish. but your right there are so many great horror flicks out there just to pick one is a pretty hard thing to do. if i had to pick a category to where my horror tastes lye it probably would be classic horror. films such as like you said nightmare on elm st, Hellraiser (which is probably my favorite a lot of the horror films of today like your saws wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Hellraiser pushing that bar on what you can put in a movie. i truly think it was a movie that really was a head of it’s time), Halloween and hell even as corny as they were the Hammer flicks were pretty cool to watch. but i would have to say the one for me that sealed the deal on horror films was John Carpenter’s Halloween. that was a great example of what a horror film that didn’t rely on gore to scare the crap out of the watcher it relied on the actual suspense and terror to get it’s job done.

  2. smartshopnow Says:

    I have seen this incarnation twice(fell asleep the secod time) as well as re-watched the original uncut version over the past couple of weeks.
    I did enjoy the new version for what it was, it definately had potential.
    That being said, I feel that it missed its mark. Instead of a new vision or retelling of the original it was a weak mix of both.
    It wanted to be something new but relied to much on the original for its own identity.
    Obviously as a remake,reboot or relaunch it must utilize the source material for its foundation but it should have its own identity.
    I felt this movie had a great foundtion to work with and a good vision of where it wanted to go but lost something by throwing in too many “remember the 1st movie?” moments just for the sake of cgi visuals. It worked in a scene or two but were wasted moments in other parts that could have been used to build on the new vision and possibly bring its true potential to fruition.
    I hope that the DVD is a director’s cut that gives us the full effect of Bay’s Freddy or that a sequal has a little more coherency. If not they shouldn’t have bothered.
    To sum it up, if you like Freddy and are open to the changes that await definately check it out,if not save yourself the aggrivation.

    • I Like your Use of Bay’s Freddy LOL. yes it did have those we will just throw it in for the sake of this being in there because it was in the original and you are right that if they had elaborated a bit more on those scenes it could have taken this movie to a whole another level. i think it wasn’t more so the movie that was going through the identity change but more so Freddy. in the sense of bringing back Freddy to what his lore was instead of this misplaced translation of him later movies portrayed him in. yes he wasn’t the nightmarish monster like as in the original but he was more of the humanistic sick fuck who’s true side came to life after being an unwilling participant in a human bonfire. but then again that just my interpretation of the two but you do have some really good points. points that might have me see this film again. just to make sure i didn’t miss call it

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