Artist Spotlight : Ana Cruz

Since  some of my readers here appreciate Gothic/Dark Art as much as I do I am proud to present to you an artist spotlight on a very wonderful Photo Manipulation Artist: Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a self taught Photo Manipulation artist and a Make Up artist as well from Portugal.  Who is been in the art/Photo Manipulation industry for 5 years now.  This artist’s work is amazing! Here let me say that one more time with feeling “this artist’s  work is AMAZING!” much better.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the artist let me show you some of the beautiful work done by Ana Cruz:

I love the tones used in this  photo.

Same applies to this one as well simply just Amazing!

The last four especially the last one I’m just in love with. everything about the last picture here is just flat out amazing.

If you want to see more Of Ana Cruz’s work you can visit Ana’s website here. where these pictures were taken from. Also on Ana’s website you will be able to see more of the artists work not just on Photo Manipulation,Photography, and Ana’s Make up work as well. I strongly recommend that  you guys check out Ana’s Site.

I would also like to Thank Ana Cruz as well for letting me do this spotlight!


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