Music Spotlight: Miss FD

Here on this page I like to point out not only things I have passions about, but things that I think my readers might enjoy as much as I do. Which is why these spotlights exist. So that some of you out there might be introduced to something or someone you may have never heard of. So that if you like what you see or hear you can expand your musical or artistic tastes.

Which brings me today’s spotlight on Gothic/Industrial artist Miss FD.  Miss FD is a Florida based Gothic/ Industrial artist. Whose fan base is not only here in the states but Miss FD has a huge European following as well. If it’s any indication on how she values her fans such as the time Miss FD had taken to answer my E-mails on allowing me to do this spotlight of her I for one must say that there is not many Artists in the music world that do that. So it goes to show that Miss FD values all the fans and the following that she has. Her first single Together Forever was released in December  of 2009 as a digital only release. Her first full album Monsters in the Industry was released in April of 2010 in the same format.   I’m sure after hearing just how AMAZING these albums  are you will agree on why Miss FD has the Following she has! While some Miss FD’s  influences include industry greats such as KMFDM and Assemblage 23 of which I have put mixes on this site before for you guys. Miss FD has a truly unique sound all of her own. Of which is defined by her amazing vocals and excellent melodies of her songs. A great example of this would be Thunder In The Blood as in my opinion it is just a truly  amazing song!

Don’t Just take my word for it though  you can go check out her Website here for a few studio versions of her tracks from her Monsters in the Industry album, Tour dates, The Miss FD Blog, and a plethora of other information as well. Still like what you hear well  you can purchase the album or the single from On-Line digital download stores such as Itunes and You also can become a friend of Miss FD on Myspace for those of you that still use it over here.Not a Myspace person or gave up Myspace along time ago that’s OK as well Miss as FD can be found on Twitter @missfdmusic . Or for you Facebook users your in luck as well just click here to become a fan.

I actually feel honored to feature Miss FD on my blog here as Miss FD has been featured on websites such as Fearnet and ReGen! So my thanks at this time to Miss FD for being Involved in this spotlight of her on my blog.


3 Responses to “Music Spotlight: Miss FD”

  1. Just as a side note fellow readers Monsters In The Industry is available as a CD as well you can purchase it from

  2. Sounds like a great artist, I never have listened to her music because it’s not what I listen to but she sounds like a true artist! Hope she goes far!

  3. […] Now for those of you who are new to my blog and are new to Miss FD I did a music spotlight on her last week. So if you didn’t get a chance to see the  music spotlight on Miss FD  you can view it here. […]

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