The 5 Best Comic Book Films of All Time

ok folks so since we all know one of my favorite things in life is Comics. so i thought it would be fitting if i posted my top 5 favorite comic book movies of all time. this time the list will be in order so just letting you guys know a head of time that this list was made in my opinion, so it should be taken that way. i’ll put a little blurb next to each of the films on why i thought it deserved that spot.

1 Batman Begins

This movie was unlike any Batman film before it. why you might ask? well because it truly was a Batman movie. it wasn’t a movie with just Batman in it surrounded by  a colorful parade of villains  like all the films before it. the films whole focal point was Batman. so for any Batman fan i’m sure this film is already on your top favorite batman movie list as it is number one on mine. but there was so much more to this movie  it took a fictional character and put him into a real life surrounding. all while still keeping a good portion of the Batman lore. plus the list of amazing Actors Such as Liam Neeson, Pre Terminator Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman all of which are a master of their craft. this in my mind is the film that said comic films should be taken seriously.

2) Iron Man

Iron Man was  Marvel’s step in the right direction on where to take comic book movies.  by spending all of around 2 minutes to create something that every comic geek has dreamed of since comic book movies were made, a comic book movie universe. not to mention Robert Downey Jr’s was much a perfect cast as billionaire Tony Stark as Patrick Stewart was to Professor X.

3) The Dark Knight

Now the Dark Knight was a great movie that’s why it’s number 3. but the hype this film got was way out of control. now i understand it got more attention because of Heath Ledger’s Death and the loyal female Ledger fans that went to see this movie even though they had no interest in Batman just added to the success of this film. now don’t get me wrong Ledger played an excellent Joker which made this film so great  but  what happened to Bale though in this one?  his Batman was WAY OVER THE TOP in this film.

4 Iron Man 2

Now this was a sequel! it kept in the same realm of the first film. the thing that really nailed this film a spot on my top 5 list was the additions to the Marvel Movie Universe. Additions such as Black Widow and War Machine who’s roles in this movie were fantastic and i guess have had a huge response that they are already confirmed for the Avengers. it also set up it’s own movie universe history that we will see more of in Captain America.

5 The Watchmen

now this was a nicely done movie. Visually it looked very nice, the alternate 80’s feel of the film, the soundtrack to this film was amazing and some excellent acting  by Jeffery Dean Morgan and Jackie Earl Haley were the factors that just made this film fantastic.  plus that opening title sequence with the flashbacks was just kick ass!

2 Responses to “The 5 Best Comic Book Films of All Time”

  1. Definitely shows an opinion, but, and this is my opinion as well, a flaw in this list is that you have movies from the last four years represented here. That is something that I noticed right off, particularly in the fact that while I loved Watchmen, compared to Spider-Man 1 or 2, or even the 1989 Batman, it was lacking.

    • i hear ya and trust me spider-man was a real tough choice to add or not to add on the list. for me the re watch value of spider-man went down after seeing movies like batman begins and how well and amazingly done it was. same applied for the 89 batman another real good film but it’s another movie with a minimal re watch value now a days. as for the watchmen at number 5 yeah it’s a tad higher then most would put and i can see that. for me i hated the watchmen book and for that movie to make me love something i started out hating had to get a brownie point somewhere… but no you did bring up a vary very valid point to this. that’s why it’s a great thing to have people comment to share their opinions. so thank you

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