The 5 Worst Comic Book Movies Of All Time

so since i did up the 5 best comic book movies i thought it only would be fitting that i did the 5 worst comic book movies of all time. again these selections were made in my opinion and should be taken that way.

1 Batman and Robin

this was a star studded craptacular. this was just an awful film from beginning to end. Nipples on the Batsuit, God awful one lines and terrible acting were all factors in why this movie sucked. this was the final nail in the coffin for the Batman franchise before the reboot. Grant Morrison didn’t need to write Batman RIP folks he could have just Re released the comic book adaptation of this film if he truly wanted to kill off Batman. because it worked for Hollywood.

2 The Hulk

What the fuck did i just watch was the first thing in my mind when Ang Lee’s Hulk had ended. all i know is after i bought the movie and watched it i gave it away the same day! A 50 foot Hulk ?? really?? CGI Hulk Dogs??  the thought that the comic book panel concept would work for this film. i’m sure the only time that concept would have worked would be  in a Roger Corman comic book movie adaptation. this is another movie that i’m glad to see they remade instead of trying to put a sequel to that crap!

3 X-Men 3 : The Last Stand

The only person that did a good job in this film was Kelsey Grammar as Beast. having said that everyone else either sucked or didn’t have enough screen time thanks to Jackman and Berry. even if they wanted to salvage this film franchise they couldn’t because they killed everyone off!! everyone in this movie was way off from their comic book counterpart it was sickening!

4 Superman Returns

now i’m not sure which one of the incarnations of Superman is more of a joke Smallville’s or Superman Return’s. just so i’m on the same page as everyone else here this movie is set to take place after Superman 2 erasing Superman 3 and 4? OK i can kind of can understand that. it’s a unique way of updating a franchise to say the least. so did the concept work? Fuck no it didn’t. what you ended up with was a plot with more holes in it then Swiss Cheese. Not to mention the best and only  action sequence in the whole film was when Superman brought down an airplane!

5 Spider-Man 3

you know how movies have tag lines? well the tag line to this film should have been Spider-Man 3:  look what we did with all of your money. at least at that point i wouldn’t have felt so ripped off. having two great films prior to this one was a major blow to the Spider-Man franchise and fans. they tried to cram too much into this film and it blew up in their faces. to this day i’m still haunted by Emo Peter Parker’s strut through the streets of New York. on the plus side off all this they are rebooting the franchise. which i’m happy to hear after hearing all the awful shit they had in store for Spider-Man 4


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