Perception, Perception, Perception

ok so this topic came up on a blog of my friends twice this week so i thought it only fitting to end the week out with it. you can view the post here where this rant of mine was spawned from.

Perception , if you think something is that way it is that way. does this make you wrong? not necessarily. it’s your thought or your opinion  that you have made of something based on the information/knowledge (or lack of) you have  on the subject at hand.

take for example Art or more so risque art for that fact of the matter. where the line for some might be blurred.  no this isn’t a pro porn post it’s just one of the many examples out there. now back to the topic at hand  i’ll show you what i’m talking about.

Now you decide are these pictures in the pornographic nature? or are they just art? to me these are both pictures of art.but that’s just me there is no wrong answer to those questions as it’s just what your perception of what art and pornography is based on your knowledge of both.

so where am i going with this you might ask. well here’s my point  while your perception on something that is yours alone and is not necessarily wrong but perception can be heavily based upon knowledge. now having said that i’m going to fill you in on the definition of porn  for those of   you that might not know. Porn is any form media that is intended to create or used for the purposes of arousal. now with that definition  in mind look back to those pictures . do you still feel the same way about them? did your opinion change? well what ever you answered  you still are not wrong because again it’s is your perception, your opinion about the subject. for those of you that opinions might have changed based on that definition alone then your opinion wasn’t changed by me  (and for me  to think that  i would want everyone to see things my way would be asinine on my part) but by new information you may have received on the subject like the definition. but for thoes of you that refuse to look at any information and are set in your ways that this is this and this is that. i have to say to you that while your not wrong, you just are staying very close minded.

so i guess to wrap this up i would like to say to you guys enhance your knowledge while your perception/opinion of the subject might not change at least you did open your mind to see another point of view based on information either given or said to you on any subject that is not just one of this nature.


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