Combichrist Anthology Is Out Now!

OK I’m sure most of you have seen some of the music mixes that I have put up on the blog here that have featured the Industrial band Combichrist.

So I thought only fitting for those of you that want to get into Combichrist to post this little tidbit of information. The Combichrist Anthology Noise Collection Vol 1 is out now by Metropolis Records. Which features the songs from their albums/singles such as Kiss the Blade( of which I’m pretty sure I bought from evil bay) and their debut album The Joy of Gunz( another ebay purchase I believe).So if your a new fan of Combichrist or just don’t feel like paying the Evil Bay prices like I did  to get the older songs  then this anthology is what your looking for.

You buy the the CD straight from Metropolis Records here.


One Response to “Combichrist Anthology Is Out Now!”

  1. […] not too long ago for those of you that would like to get into Combichrist you can view that post here. It has a few music samplings of Combichrist for your listening pleasure but here is one of my […]

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