Alternative Beauty Of The Day 06/10

ok when I started this it was originally Chick Of  The Day but  things change and this turned into Alternative Beauty Of The Day. Which showcases Alternative Models. Some thought this would be a hard task to go a month straight but here we are at number 30. So I saved one of the best Alternative Models in my opinion to end the first month on a high note.

so with out further ado I present to you guys :

Mixtress Krikett – Alternative Model and one hell of an amazing DJ

this one was on the back of the ad when she came to Buffalo!

this last picture is just AMAZING!

I will be doing a Music Spotlight on Mixtress Krikett real soon as to give you an in depth look on the music side of Mixtress Krikett! For now though to see more of Mixtress Krikett’s Modeling pics you can visit her Myspace here from where these pictures are taken from.


2 Responses to “Alternative Beauty Of The Day 06/10”

  1. prob’ly one of the hottest girls on the planet!! she can be the mistress of anything and i would follow!!! i bow to you oh mistress!!!

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