The Video Game Industry Hops on The 3D Train

Now before I start off this post I want to point out that I am not a huge video gamer by any means. So while this may not come as any new news to my readers that are video gamers it came as new news to me. So with that in mind I thought I would share this just in case some of my readers are like me. Awhile back I covered the 3D craze making it’s way to the land of porn. Well the 3D train just keeps on rolling and it’s next stop or current stop is the video game industry. Again it comes as no huge surprise as it was only a matter of time before this happened.

First up for the 3D treatment in this new 3D entertainment world is Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition. While again this might not come as new news to video gamers. I only learned about this in an add in a comic book. Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY was released  on May 11th 2010 one of it’s features being the chance to play the game in 3D. Now I’m not sure if it’s the full game you get to play in 3D as i haven’t played the GOTY edition or have seen the GOTY edition being played yet. What I can tell you though is no you don’t need one of those fancy new 3D TV’s to play it as it comes with the 3D glasses. While this game was pretty trippy  with out the use of 3D technology. It’s kind of got my interest to see what it will look like with the 3D technology added to it. Batman wont be the only game out there in 3D but  several on-line sites are reporting Sony has a few 3D announcements at this years E3.  If this will be with the use of glasses or the use with a 3D Tv I can’t tell you but I’m sure more details will be made clear at E3 or short thereafter.

Now not only are video games getting the 3D treatment but apparently at this years E3 (again according to several on-line sites)  Nintendo plans on unavailing a new hand held system called the 3DS.  Apparently this new hand held system will allow the gamer to play in stereoscopic 3D with out the use of the 3D glasses. So you 3d-aholics   can take your 3D gaming to go.

So is 3D here to stay? Is 3D the next step in how we enjoy and watch our  entertainment? well only time will tell if this phase lives or dies. my advice is keep  in  mind that 3D is still a phase( and this is in my opinion as I’m no tech guru)  while your throwing down your hard earned cash .


2 Responses to “The Video Game Industry Hops on The 3D Train”

  1. smartshopnow Says:

    So who gets sued when everyones eyes go to shit because of the 3D fad?

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