My Thoughts On The Human Centipede

Ok so I finally watched The Human Centipede last night. For those of you that saw the trailer on my previous post know what I’m talking about and for those of you that didn’t I’ll post it again so you all can see what i’m talking about.

Now with The Human Centipede it falls into that category of horror films that sound funny as shit when you first hear the concept but for some unknown reason you just can’t help yourself from wanting to watch the movie. Movies such as Teeth ( about a killer vagina), The Stuff (killer peanut butter marshmallow fluff) and Special Dead (if you haven’t figured out what that’s about by the name alone IMDB it) have all fallen into this category. They all sound funny as shit that you just can’t help not to look away. Although this movie just doesn’t only fall into that category alone. With the success of the Saw franchise more and more we are seeing horror movies now a days that delve into that twisted /torture category and this film also finds it self in that category as well but that one was pretty much a give me based on the trailer above.

Now this movie I do believe hasn’t been released in the sates yet and I’m not sure that it ever will (now as for how i saw this film I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out that one 🙂 ).  The movie is a low budget German film if i’m not mistaken. So do keep that in mind as you watch this film and the acting from the very small cast involved. Again we are fans of horror we all know that we aren’t there to see an academy award winning performance from the actors and actresses involved. In fact some of the acting in the film I’m sure you will have a good chuckle with because god knows I had a fucking ball with it.

As for the story it’s a very simplistic one but again most horror films aren’t mind thinkers. Renowned German surgeon captures 3 people for his twisted experiment The Human Centipede. So like I said very simple and there isn’t any twists and turns from that at all. So if you were expecting a mind fucker sorry to disappoint because the only mind fuck you will get out of this film is seeing a human centipede.

So with all those factors in mind is it worth watching if you can get a hold of a copy?  If your a fan of twisted horror films I would say yes. However if your a casual fan horror films I don’t think you’ll find much enjoyment in the film.  Personally I thought the movie was pretty twisted at some parts but  overall it was a decent watch it’s wasn’t awful or anything like that but like I said it was a decent watch.


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