Alternative Beauty Of The Day 6/18

Daffney- Pro  Wrestler

Over the years in pro wrestling Daffney has gone by many different in ring names such as Shark Girl, Lucy Fur and the Governor but it’s truly the Daffney character and her amazing gimmick, amazing trademark scream and hardcore wrestling style that makes her  a truly  unique female pro wrestler. Daffney first graced the TV screens of pro wrestling back in WCW wrestling as valet to David Flair. In WCW she won the now WWE retired Cruiserweight Championship in May of 2000.  After her stint in WCW she hit the independent circuit but an injury put her on the shelf and she had left the wrestling business for awhile only to make her TV return in the pro wrestling world in TNA where she currently still resides.

Daffney runs her own website filled with a members area and some kick ass Daffney merchandise which you can visit here. Also She has a fan site ran by a very very cool Daffantic which features Updates, a huge photo gallery, video clips and a ton of fantastic fan art as well ( i have a few pieces of fan art that I made up that is posted on the site 🙂 ) you can check out the site here.Trust me It is the BEST fan site out there for Daffney. For her TNA bio you can visit the site here from where these pictures were taken. Also you can follow the scream queen on twitter for those of you that have twitter @screamqueendaff .

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