I Want Your Opinion …..

Ok as I have stated many times here this blog just isn’t comic reviews and comic stuff but this blog encompasses all of my interests and tastes.

Which brings me to why I am making this post. Now for those of you that are yahoo users and are like me might like flipping through the yahoo news bars(hey sometimes you can find some interesting stuff on there). So anywho last week there was this article I found very interesting it was on the trending style of celebrities wearing extravagant wigs. So in this post they showed examples of  what they call extravagant wigs of worn by people like  Katie Perry and Lady Gaga and how it’s a sexy look to some. Now to me or someone like me and I’m sure some of you will agree as seeing as I try to run an Alternative Lifestyle blog here, I’m sure most of you will be on the same page here when I say this. In no way do I find the examples that they gave  extravagant or sexy at all. I truly think the look of cyber dreads/ cyber locks/ cyber falls look 1,000 times more extravagant and stylish then just a blue wig( but then again the club scene and concert scene that I enjoy and hit up shows this as a common style). Now for those of you out there that have no clue as to what cyber dreads/ cyber locks/cyber falls are I’ll show you an example (even though I’m sure most of you have seen what they look like from some of the pictures of the Alternative Beauty Of The Day) :

(all images are not my images nor do I claim the images to be mine. The images/pictures are from a previous post and one from flickr and all credits go out to the photographer,owner of the content and model in the pictures)

So is it just me? Do you guys feel the same way? am I way off the mark here? I know it’s just my opinion on this topic as I love this fashion look. So feel free to comment on this, let your opinion be known. As it will be very interesting  to here what you guys have to say about this topic versus the people on Yahoo.


3 Responses to “I Want Your Opinion …..”

  1. mariaperarnau Says:


  2. one of my favorite barmaids when i lived in NOLA would fit right in with your alternate beauty of the day. she wore dolly mops on a regular basis and i personally found her hot as balls! _especially_ when she wore her mops!

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