My Thoughts on The 8 Bits EP By Mind.In.A.Box

When your DJ one of the things that you enjoy doing is looking for new music to make mixes with so you can keep things fresh.One of the reasons why I’m a major computer junkie:),  So when you have unused credits to an online music store you really get that chance to explore an album or a single that you normally would hold off on or were unsure about. Then after listening your new acquisition you might actually like the music enough that you go back and grab the rest of their albums. This was the case with the 8 Bits EP from Mind.In.A.Box.

8 Bits is an EP with remixes of the Song 8 Bits off Mind.In.a.Box’s 2010 full album R.E.T.R.O. (of which of course I bought immediately following my enjoyment of the single along with a couple of their other albums). The whole R.E.T.R.O  album is an ode/homage to the old school 8 bit gaming systems  and computer gaming systems such as the Commodore 64.  The 8 bits EP was released shortly after the success of the R.E.T.R.O album.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about the 8 Bits EP right away was the Techy/Electro/gaming sound that the songs had.  It is that sound that is the heavy influence that can be found on the R.E.T.R.O album(of which I am listening to as I write this review and am enjoying the hell out of it.) but like I said above the whole album is an homage to the old school gaming systems so that sound  pays it’s homage very very well. Off the 8 Bits EP I really am digging the 8 Bits (Club Mix) it just has a great sound to it! I’m actually looking forward to working with a lot of the songs found on both albums in future mixes that I’ll be doing up and going through some of their older albums as well.

Here’s the music video for the song 8 Bits (this is not off the EP but off the album R.E.T.R.O) just to give you guys a taste of what they sound like :

If you guys enjoyed what you just heard you can always head over to and grab both the R.E.T.R.O album and the 8 Bits EP as digital downloads. If you guys want to know more about Mind.In.A.Box you can visit their website here for news,updates,information about the band and their discography.


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