Album Review : Shiv-R Hold My Hand

Now before listening to this album I’ll admit I had never heard of Shiv-R before. So don’t feel bad if your looking at the name of the band and are like who the hell is Shiv-R. That’s why I like doing these music/album reviews and music spotlights so you can enjoy artists that you may never have heard of before or some one I come across in my ever expanding music library and enjoy them enough to share them with all of you guys.

So anyways back to the topic at hand now after listening to Shiv-R’s first full length album Hold My Hand I really want to hear more from them.I really like the dark eerie electronic sounds of the tracks it really just adds that extra enjoyment factor. Some of the songs that I am enjoying off the album are Parasite, The End (see the music video below), Map The Feedback( of which I use in my new mix that should be out on Wednesday)  and Open My Vain (I’m sure I heard that clip in a movie before but it just eludes me at the moment).  Even as I write this album review my headphones are cranked to their loudest playing the album.

Here’s the music video/FilmClip of the song The End off of the album ( Viewer discretion is advised) just to give you taste of what they sound like :

If you like what you hear you can buy the album from the band’s official  webstore here (FYI it is an international store so expect international shipping rates) or you can buy the album from Metropolis Records here.


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