Album Review : Front Line Assembly Improved Electronic Device

Well I really wanted to have this done up last week but things come up and life happens. Anyways last week Tuesday the new Front Line Assembly album Improved Electronic Device was released. Now I really wanted to buy this in CD format as I  enjoyed  the single Shifting Through The Lens that was released two weeks prior to this which helped build the excitement for me wanting to get this album. The only music store that I used to get my CD’s from is now closed for good (RIP FYE). Not that there isn’t a CD store around me it’s just that the stores around me have the “If it isn’t on MTV or on popular radio stations in the area it’s not in our store policy” (or at least this is the case in my neck of the woods and yes Bust Buy and Borders I’m talking about you).Which let me just say is a bullshit policy  as there is a TON of  amazing music and artists/bands out there that don’t fall into that category.

So having said that I immediately upon waking up (and I mean as soon as I woke up)  downloaded the album deluxe album from the Amazon online digital music store(which actually ended up working out real well because the deluxe album is only available as a digital download so while I still hate the fact that I couldn’t go out and buy the CD I think in this case I’ll let it slide).  I plugged in my headphones and cranked up the volume and I was not disappointed in anyway shape or form. The album was AMAZING and well worth my purchase! I’m actually looking forward to working Shifting Though The Lens in one of my mixes soon. All the tracks on this album are great I’m especially enjoying Shifting Through The Lens (like I just stated above), Angriff, Hostage, Afterlife and Laws of Deception just to name a few other wise I actually would probably list the whole album.

Don’t just take my word for it listen for your self over at the clips on If you like what you hear you can buy the deluxe album from or as a digital download (remember how well the artist does is based off of sales so please pay the money instead of free downloading the album). Metropolis also has the regular CD for purchase as well. If you want to know more on Front Line Assembly you can visit the bands Mysapce page here.


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