Album Review : Leaether Strip – Mental Slavery

Now  I know it’s always nice to actually have a psychical copy of a CD in your hands( I know I talked about this  for a bit in my Front Line Assembly review) but  in this case the digital download was available before the actual CD was.

My first introduction to Leaether Strip was two years ago with the album Legacy of Hate and Lust(one of my favorite track off that album is Whisper Your Poetry) released back in 1995. When I heard that album I was immediately hooked by the sounds, the vocals, and the melodies of the tracks. So at that point I went back to try and get whatever I could get my hands on off of sites like Amazon and E-bay, I truly was enjoying everything  I was hearing from Leaether Strip and this new two disk album is no different.

Now usually when I do up an album review I like to have listened to the album a  couple of times before I actually sit and write about it. But after hearing the very first few tracks off this album I knew I just couldn’t wait to write this review! The album is that AMAZING in my opinion! I really have been Enjoying every track so far on the album. Even as I write this review I’m still on CD 2 and my enjoyment factor is still of that when I started listening to this album.  I’m very much looking forward to working with quite a few of the tracks off this album in future mixes of mine.

You guys can head over to Amazon’s MP3 store and get little 30 second clips of the tracks off the album(even if you don’t plan on buying the album at least head over if you never heard of Leaether Strip before. Or you can even head over to the Leaether Strip’s Myspace page in the music links section on this page to get more of a full track listening experience) and if you guys like what you hear nab the download.  I know I for one am extremely happy with my purchase and I think you guys will enjoy as well.


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