Music Spotlight : Twitch The Ripper

In the age of  social networking sites (such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter) a lot of new and upcoming  bands and artists have a bigger playground then just the local music circuit to help get the word out about their music and work. Which when you actually think about it really is an amazing thing because it gives people the chance to listen to some  bands and artists they would have never came across in any CD or record store. It’s sort of like those days back when your friends were like ” hey dude you have to check out this band” but on a much much lager scale.  So having said that this brings me to  Connecticut based Electronic group Twitch The Ripper ( or TTR to some).  I first became aware of the band via Twitter.

Twitch The Ripper consists of Jon Dobyns (Vocals, Synth, and Guitar) and Lonn Bologna(Programming, Synth, and Drums).  Jon and Lonn self released their first EP back in 2009 entitled Don’t Go Out Tonight (Of which you can get from Itunes and Their first full length album entitled Bodiless is due out some time this year. On the bands website the first track off the full length album called Disconnected was posted on June 14th( of which you can visit here and have a listen to your self). Now when I heard the song I must say that it did catch my interest(  I have listened to it a few times now myself) enough to the point where I can say that I’m interested in hearing more of tacks from the album now(which actually we are in luck as the track Bodiless from the album will be released on Monday on the bands website if I’m not mistaking).

If you want to know more about Twitch The Ripper you always can visit the bands website here where you can find up to date news, media, and tour dates as well. If you like what you hear you also can become a fan of them on Twitter @TwitchTheRipper , Facebook over here and Myspace over here for those of you that still use Myspace that is. You also can find them on Youtube here.


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