Album Review – Psyborg Corp : The Mechanical Renaissance

Again here’s yet another band that caught my attention via the internet(this time off of Myspace. Yes guys I’m still a proud Myspace user and always will be). So anyways after listening to a few of the tracks off of their Myspace music player and downloading their debut single Technocracy. I wanted to hear more from them so I immediately headed over to’s MP3 store to see if I could purchase the bands first full length album The Mechanical Renaissance and I was In luck.

The Electro/Industrial sound in all of their tracks is something that should be heard by all as it truly is amazing! The vocals of all the tacks go very well with the sound the band emulates. As you can tell It’s another album I really am hooked on (to tell you guys the truth this album has been my weekend listening selection). I’m really enjoying every single track off this album and again it’s another  CD that I just chomping at the bit to start using in some of my DJ mixes. I really want to hear more from the band because if this debut full length album is any indication of what’s to come then consider me sold if they come out with a second album.

But just don’t take my word on it listen for yourselves. Check out a few tracks off the album from these clips I found on Youtube:

So like what you hear? Want to know more about the band? Well you can head over to the bands Myspace page here to listen to a few more tracks on their Myspace music player. You also you can download the bands debut single as well. If your still interested in getting the album you guys  can purchase The Mechanical Renaissance from’s Mp3 store.

On a side note here I’m really hoping I can get to do up a spotlight on the band just so you guys can know more about this band!


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