Artist Spotlight : Victor Kurzweil

One of the biggest thing this blog/site gives me is the chance to  share with you guys artists and bands that I come across and enjoy. That’s why I really like doing these spotlights so much. Because it gives me the chance to introduce to you guys to some amazing art and great music that you may not have been aware of before.

So that brings me to this spotlight on progressive/cutting edge photographer and digital artist Victor Kurzweil from the UK. I first came across Victor’s work on Model Mayhem. After seeing some of his amazing portfolio posted there I immediately contacted him and asked if he wouldn’t mind if I were to do a spotlight on his work for you guys here. Shortly there after Victor had contacted me back and was more then willing to have a spotlight done on his work on this blog/site.

Now I could just sit here and just say how truly amazing and eye catching his work is but I think I’ll let his pictures do that job for me

The use of the sepia tone in this photo really just makes the picture!

Another really amazing photo!

I really love how this one looks!

Same model as the last one. The snow effect and the color tone of this picture really just makes the photo very eye catching.

This is another one of my favorites.I really just like the way this picture looks!

Some of you older readers might recognize the model in this one as Elyssia  one of the Alternative Beauties of the day.

These were just a couple of my favorites that I enjoyed. You can see more of Victor’s work over at his Net-Model page here or his Model Mayhem page here .

Through the course of our Emails I had the chance to ask Victor a few questions for this spotlight:

What got you into photography?
Back when I was 17 I backpacked around Europe and took with me my first SLR camera an old Zenit E which was a Russian camera that weighed a ton. It was after seeing the results of this, that I developed a passion for photography. I was always into travel photography, and landscapes and nature. Then a few years ago with the advent of digital cameras  I started altering images digitally and began to have ideas that would be better achieved with people – models, and that lead to the images I create now.

How long have you been in the industry?
The model photography and digital art I’ve been doing for about 4 years.

Do you have any new and upcoming photography and digital art projects in the works that you would like people to know about?
I’m very self critical and soon disatisfied with my latest achievements, so I’m constantly trying to achieve something more. I’m fortunate that I dont ever run out of ideas, in fact the difficulty is trying to get all the ideas out there.

I would really like to thank Victor Kurzweil for his time and really getting involved with this spotlight. Victor always is interested in hearing from and working with new people, models, designers, and performers. So if your a model or designer or would like to work with Victor you always can contact him over at his Model Mayhem page here.


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