Music Spotlight : Psyborg Corp.

Earlier this week I reviewed Psyborg Corp.’s first full length debut album The Mechanical Renaissance (for those of you that are new to the site/blog and didn’t see it you can find that here.). So as soon as I finished the review I immediately contacted the band to see if they would be cool with having a spotlight done on them as I really enjoyed their music and was sure that some of you would enjoy it as well! Sure enough the band responded and was more than willing to have a spotlight done up on them.

Psyborg Corp. consists of :

p5YbORG – Biomechanical Vox Modulator and Synthetic Multifrequency Generator

Miss Pixel – Fourwired Seismic Shocker

UserX86 – Sixwired Complex Synthechord

Psyborg Corp. is a Colombian based Electro/Industrial and Harsh EBM band. Their unique eye catching Sci-Fi visuals , lyrics, beats, and catchy Sci- Fi/Electro  melodies make them truly stand out in the Electro/Industrial music genre.  In 2009 the band signed with German label NoiTekk. In 2010 the band released not only their first single Technocracy  (it was a wonderful prelude of what was to come off of their first full length debut album. The single is still available as a free download off the bands Myspace.) and their first full length debut album The Mechanical Renaissance( of which I’m still listening to and still enjoying even as I type this) . I for one truly hope there is more to come from this truly amazing and unique band.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to listen to the song clips I found off of Youtube (posted in the Album review) I’ll re-post them here (with a few more of my favorites) . So you guys can listen to a few songs from The Mechanical Renaissance album:

To listen to a few more tracks off of the album you can check out the bands Myspace page here where they have  a few more on their Myspace music player. If you have a Twitter you also can follow the band on there @ PsyborgCorp. If you like the music you heard and want to buy the album you can do so from a link off the bands Myspace(Just  click  on the album banner) or you can buy the digital download from amazon’s Mp3 store( Trust me it is very worth it).

I would like to thank p5Y and  Psyborg Corp for taking the time to responding to my Email and getting involved with this spotlight and for the amazing HQ pictures that they sent over.


2 Responses to “Music Spotlight : Psyborg Corp.”

  1. Hey, That is so very Good!

    a big hug!!! =^_^=

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