Alternative Beauty Of The Day 07/16

MacheteLatte – Alternative Model

To view more of MacheteLatte’s  amazingly colorful eye catching portfolio you can visit her Model Mayhem page here from where these pictures were taken from.


3 Responses to “Alternative Beauty Of The Day 07/16”

  1. What you do and what you’ve done with your character is incredibly beautiful. I’m happy to see your consistant with your vision and passion.

    Continued good luck with your career.



    • Please do note that this site just spotlights the models and is not an actual contact page for the models. you can click in to her model mayhem page to contact her if you wish.
      However the Models I spotlight do from time to time actually check out the page so I’ll approve this in hopes that she can see your comment about her work 🙂

  2. Hello!!!! 🙂

    Wow I had absolutely no idea this was posted up of me! thanks so much, this mean a whole lot to me. It actually just made my night 🙂 you’re awesome.


    – MacheteLatte

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