Sucker Punch Poster Campaign

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) went in to full swing on Thursday and with it a plethora of goodies have been hitting the interwebs. One of the cool goodies I saw  yesterday morning was the poster campaign for Zack Snyder’s ( 300 and The Watchmen) new project called  Sucker Punch.

Now prior to seeing these  posters  I never heard of Sucker Punch before, other then some really vague plot descriptions from a few online sites and no trailer or teaser to go on Sucker Punch sounds like a twisted version of Alice In Wonderland. That features Zombied out soldiers, Mechs and  machine guns. So between the combination of that, the poster campaign and checking out the official site( of which there really isn’t much up on there other than a pretty sweet animated background) I can say that they have a ticket sold already!Not to mention if the style of this movie (visual wise) is anything like that of The Watchmen or 300 consider me even more excited to see this then.

Sucker Punch is due Out March 2011


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  1. […] For those of you that remembered over the weekend when I posted the poster campaign( along with a little description of the movie) for Zack Snyder( 300 and Watchmen) next movie Sucker Punch you guys can skip this little intro. However if your new to the site and would like to read that article you can click here. […]

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