Spotlight On Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast

Everyone has something their passionate about! It’s one of the reasons why I started this site.  I wanted a place where I could share things I was passionate about and things that interested me with anyone who would listen( or read in this case). It’s by sharing these passions and interests not only do we encounter like minded individuals but we are opening up a whole new world for some people to enjoy what we enjoy on a daily basis.

This brings me to why I’m writing this spotlight on Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast. I first encountered Latex Records over the interwebs via Twitter. After talking with  Latex Records owner Edwin Minzenmayer on Twitter ( of which we have had numerous conversations) and scoping out the Latex Records Site it was at that point I could tell Edwin was very passionate and very opinionated about music and the music industry! Of which when one gets very passionate about an  interests of theirs  I feel ( I’m not sure about you guys) very  hyped myself! So I thought I would Share that hype with all of you and give a shout out to Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podacst!

So first off I’m sure most of you are wondering  what exactly is Latex Records? Well I would love to answer that question for you guys but I think it would be best if you guys were to get the lowdown from Edwin himself by visiting the about us page here!  It’s an extremely well written about us section ( Something you don’t see a lot of when you click into an about us section. Most of them sound stiff and wooden with no life at all. However this one was written just full of life!) and  it’s something I don’t think  I would do justice to if I were to just summarize it for you guys.

While your at The Latex Records website do check out the services Latex Records offer,  The Artists that have worked and or still work with the label( such as Container of which I reviewed their Before EP last week and that can be found here), The Latex Records Amazon Store( please support music  and buy don’t download illegally) , A forum  filled with well written reviews , News, Events  and  not to mention the other half to this spotlight The Latex Radio Podcast!

The Latex Radio Podcast is a podcast show that is done up by Edwin Minzenmayer  (now in partnership with  EBM Radio and Dark Horizons Radio) that features music from the Industrial, EBM, Goth, Darkwave, Electronica, Trance and many more genres( of which I’m sure most of my readers musical tastes falls in to at least one of these categories). I had the pleasure of tuning in to the latest episode of the podcast last week and I really enjoyed the hell out of it. It was that enjoyment factor that caused me to go back and tracked down some older episodes to please my ears( and wasn’t let down! I loved the Halloween one)! If you guys are interested in checking it out ( Of which I highly recommend that you do) you can visit the Latex Radio Podcast site here ( Of which will be added to the links section as soon as this spotlight is done) for all the details on how you guys can tune in!

I would like to Thank Edwin for allowing me to do this spotlight up on Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast and taking the time to answer any question I had while writing this spotlight!  For all you Twitter users out there you can follow Latex Records @latexrecords of which I highly recommend that you do as Edwin is a very cool dude to follow and it’s truly never a dull twitter moment moment when your following him. If your a Facebook user you also can become a fan of Latex Records here.


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