My Thoughts On The Gene Genration

Now I know this isn’t a current movie in fact the movie was released at the AFI in 2007. It wasn’t released on DVD  until 2009. So your probably asking yourself why am I reviewing or giving my opinion on this movie now? Well this movie came as a recommendation from a friend (latexrecords) off of Twitter a few weeks back. After hearing the sweet soundtrack line up, a brief discrption of the movie and seeing this kick ass official Combichirst Music Video for the movie needless to say I was sold :

So having said all of that off I went into the vast reaches of the interwebs looking to see where or if I could find this movie. To my surprise actually I was able to track down the movie fairly easy and only for a measly nine bucks plus shipping! Not bad for going into this movie blind with nothing  other then a recommendation the only worst outcome would have been I was out 14 bucks. After watching this movie that wasn’t the case at all as I felt like my money was well spent on this kick ass hidden gem of a movie!

Now for those of you that have no clue as to what the Gene Generation ( other then what you saw in that Combichrist music video above) is I’ll fill you in. The Gene Generation is about an assassin named Michelle who’s job it is to track down and kill  DNA hackers ( where one tries to alter ones DNA for the better but kills the victim of the hack in the process)! Michelle wants a better Life for her and her brother outside of the man made walls that surround the city. Her trouble prone brother Jackie decides to  steals this device from their neighbor Christian called the Transcoder( A device that was originally intended to cure diseases but later would try to be used as a weapon )  to pay off his hefty gambling debt.  Desperate to find the Transcoder it’s creator Christian set off a tracking  signal to try and locate the device before it fell into the wrong hands( of which he hoped it hadn’t already). However it was that tracking signal that alerted the individuals who would use the device as a weapon to it’s location and now they too were in pursuit of the Transcoder.

Overall I really have to give the writers of this movie major props for the originality of the story( yeah sure you can watch movies similar to this on the SyFy channel but the stories usually end up being really bland and mind numbing ). Yes it’s a low budget movie with some special effects that are pretty cheesy by today’s standards I won’t lie to you there. However some the fight scene visuals I must say were pretty fucking awesome! I’m very happy that I got to experience this movie because if it wasn’t recommended to me  I would have  probably never given it a shot! So as it was recommended to me I would highly recommend it to all of you guys as well!


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