Album Review : Android Lust : The Human Animal

Picture taken from The Android Lust Website

This album actually was my first introduction to Android Lust( other than being a follower of her’s on Twitter). So with hype building on Twitter for this new album my curiosity needless to say was piqued. I was very interested in hearing the album even though  I had never heard anything from Android Lust before. So I put my headphones on and went right in ( but I’m sure as most of you know I do this a lot with some artists/bands as you can actually introduce yourself to some pretty kick ass music this way). After the first few tracks I  knew that I was very happy indeed that I ended up grabbing the album as I immediately fell in love with it!

The Human Animal album is the fourth( according to the Android Lust website of which can be found here ) album to be released by the one woman  act Android Lust. While reading the bio section on the Android Lust website it had described all the hard work  and effort that went into the making of The Human Animal album.  Hard work and effort that I can say truly shows ( again I’m new to Android Lust so this stament is coming from a first time listener). The vocals ( not to mention the strong lyrics) and the sound(s) emulated by Shikhee ( Android Lust) are just simply amazing and very euphoric! The Album keeps pretty much at the same pace musically. It shows ( at least in my opinion again do keep in mind my new listener mentality  🙂  )  what Shikhee is capable of with out going from one extreme to another ( not saying that’s a bad thing either) .

Overall ( as you can tell) I have really enjoyed listening to this album and very muck looking forward to going back and listening to previous releases from Android Lust now!  I highly recommend that you guys give The Human Animal a shot if you haven’t already! You can purchase the Album as a digital download direct from the Android Lust website. If CD’s are more your thing you can Buy the CD from there as well on the Online store section of the site ( plus you can take a look at all the other Android Lust goodies while your there).


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