Music With A Cause: Sanity Is Slavery

Sanity Is Slavery is more then just a name for a compilation of music, Sanity Is Slavery is a statement ( as you will all see in a few)! I first came across this project/cause/compilation  during the week when I took place in a contest on Twitter. The winner of the contest won an early copy of  the Sanity Is Slavery bonus disk.  Wanting to know more I went off in search to find out more information as to what exactly Sanity Is Slavery was.  It was after reading about it I decide that this was something that I wanted to share with all of you guys.

Sanity Is Slavery is a 2 (3 including the bonus disk) “digipack” ( to quote the site) CD compilation that is to be released in November 2010 by MachineKUNT Records.  The mission statement ( if you will) of this compilation is is to bring awareness to the public through music about  “psychiatric abuse, forced institutionalization, overmedication, a status quo definition of reality, and the stigma of being “crazy.” ”    ( since that was so well worded on MachineKunt’s site I thought it best to leave it that way ). The wonderfully crafted compilation  isn’t just stopping at raising awareness to this horrible situation that exists, no MachineKUNT records will be donating 10%  of  the proceeds to MindFreedom International a group that protects  mental health rights (you can view the site here to find out more about who they are)!

To find out more in detail about Sanity Is Slavery you can visit MachineKUNT Records website here ( on the site you will be able to find a complete listing of the artists/bands that will be gracing this compilation).  Pre-orders will start in September (according to the site) of which I highly recommend that you guys do pre-order or at least buy the compilation when it comes out. Not only is it filled with some fantastic music but you’ll be supporting a worthy cause!


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