Spotlight on The Sounds From The Sandbox Podcast

In the past few Months I have met a lot of interesting people online whom have the same ( if not more) passion about the music genre we all love.  It’s when they take that burning passion and transfer it into music, writing, a podcast show, a record label or a radio station that it becomes something that really stands out! It becomes something that needs to be shared with others  out there that may have never heard of  the artist, blogger, band, podcast, or radio station before so you can enjoy it as much as I do ( this is why I love doing these spotlights)!

So this brings me to the spotlight on Sounds From The Sandbox! Sounds From The Sandbox is a regularly updated podcast show  that plays a fantastic selection of new and old industrial, EBM, powernoise, aggrotech, coldwave, metal, punk and much more ( so it’s the good stuff ). The podcast is available through Itunes ( leave comments on how well you enjoy the show if your an Itunes user  as everyone love comments) or you can go directly to the Sounds From The Sandbox site here.

I came across the mastermind behind the Sounds From The Sandbox CRY0G3N  on Twitter( a pretty cool dude to follow on Twitter @CRY0G3N)  at first I did not  know that he did these podcast shows so it wasn’t until I saw a tweet about it that put me in the loop finally. So highly interested in it I immediately( after seeing the tweet)  went to download the podcast! After listening to the quality, the energy and how well put together the show was  I knew that I was hooked! So I went back to get the previous episodes that I missed out on( and the previous shows did not disappoint at all)!

So far there has been 6 well crafted episodes released ( number 7 is on the way) all are still available for download! Of which I highly recommend that you guys do check out not only the new episodes but the older episodes as well too!  If you like what you hear you can become a fan of  Sounds From The Sandbox on Facebook here or again follow @CRY0G3N on twitter for up to date news on sounds from the Sandbox and release times for future episodes!


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