Album Review : Mankind Is Obsolete’s Manic Recession

(Picture taken from Mankind Is Obsolete’s bandcamp store)

While Mankind Is Obsolete ( or mkio )  has been around for awhile this album (believe it or not) was my first listening experience to them. Even though this is mainly a remix album it has sold me enough to want to go back and listen to the original tracks these remixes were based off of!

Manic Recession features 15 remixed tracks of past Mankind Is Obsolete tracks. It also features one original song  (Days Gone By) and one cover song ( Merchandise ). While a few of the songs (Awake, Troubled Dreams and Passing Through) do appear a couple of times on this album( as different remixes of course) it doesn’t give you that “oh it’s this song again” feeling as each of the different remixes keep the tracks very fresh sounding.

I’m sure most fans of Mankind Is Obsolete probably already have purchased the album as it was released a few week back. However if your a newbie ( like I was pre this album) I would recommend that you guys do give it a listen to ( you can listen to the tracks over at the bands bandcamp store here). As you do get a just a taste of what Mankind Is Obsolete has to offer your music collection. If you do like what you hear then by all means go back and grab the older releases because I know that I will be!


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