Album Review : Offscreen – Dragonfly Lingo

(Picture taken from the Dragonfly Lingo bandcamp store)

I’m always on the look out for new music to fill my ever growing library (as I’m sure most of you know by now), Social networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace ) have really helped me accomplish finding that new music. It was off of Twitter that I became first aware of Dragonfly Lingo( @soundfox). Highly interested (not just on my own but also after a high recommendation from a friend on Twitter)  I made a point last night of picking up the Offscreen album from the Dragonfly Lingo’s bandcamp store. After listening to the album I must say that it was a fantastic first introduction to what Dragonfly Lingo had to offer musically!

The concept behind the Offscreen album is to take stand out memorable movie quotes ( such as the exorcist, close encounters and phantasms III to name a few of the movies ) and mix them with music that specifically crafted for each line of dialogue. A concept that was very well executed in my opinion! The harmonically mixed music and sound byte really transformed each of the tracks off this album and gave them that extra level of listening pleasure. By the time the seven tack album comes to an end it really does leave you with that wanting more feeling!Having said that I for one really hope that there will be more releases from Dragonfly Lingo in the near future!

So as it was highly recommended to me I’m passing that recommendation on to all of you as well. You can head over to the Dragonfly Lingo’s bandcamp store ( bandcamp is a direct artist/band to listener  online music store. So this means that your purchase goes to the band and not a middle man such as Itunes or Amazon. Support your favorite artists and buy direct when you can) to get a sampling of all the tracks and if you like what you hear( and I’m sure you all will) you can pick up the album at a really incredible price!


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