Album Review : Container ‘s NEO

( Image taken from Container’s Facebook page)

The Before EP (for you new comers to the site you can check out the review of that EP here) was my first listening experience of Container. The EP had left me wanting to hear more from them. So when Latex Records offered me the chance to have an early listen to Container’s upcoming full length album NEO I was all over it! After listening to the album I came to the conclusion that while I really did enjoy the Before EP however NEO really was a much better showcase of what this band is truly capable of!

I must say that one of my biggest enjoyment factors of NEO was the refreshingly unique sound that the band emulated. It’s a very different “all on it’s own” sound then what I’m normally used to listening to. The tracks off of NEO offer a pretty wide scope of  different music styles( i.e.  Darkwave, Goth and Alternative) all while still keeping that same unique sound. With that wide range of styles I have to say that the album is put together very well. You don’t come across that your just getting into the mellow sound feeling then your hit with a track of  a little more harder beat.

Overall this album was a highly enjoyable listening experience and in my opinion is very much worth checking out when it’s released .  In the meantime (to tide you over) if you haven’t downloaded the Before EP yet  you hop over to Container’s website here and do so ( It’s free). For the most up to date information on when NEO will be available for your listening pleasure you can visit Containers website here, Become a fan of theirs on Facebook or you can visit Latex Records here .


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