Album Review : Combichrist’s Making Monsters

(Photo taken From  Combichrist’s Vampire Freaks page)

Yep your eyes do not deceive you! You are seeing an album review for Making Monsters! For those of you that haven’t heard already Making Monsters came out on August 31st as an early digital download release ( the psychical CD will be available on September 23). Now I did spend awhile debating on if I should pick up the digital download as I planned on picking up the actual CD when it came out. One of the deciding factors in me  picking it up (other than it being a new Combichrist album)  was that I got the chance to do the review for all of you before September 23!

Now before I get into my thoughts on this album I want to point out that these reviews I write up are always written in my honest opinion and should be taken that way. What I might enjoy or not enjoy others might or might not. I can give you guys my thoughts and opinions on my personal experience after listening to an album but in the end it really comes down to how well you enjoyed your own experience!

So with that little disclaimer out of the way now I’ll get on with the review. I was really excited for Making Monsters when news of it’s release first broke. Then when the first single from the album Never Surrender hit the internet ( on Vampire Freaks) my excitement grew even more.  So now with the digital download  in my Itunes library I was  all ready to listen to some new Combichrist. After listening to the album I must say honestly I felt a little let down.

Now I’m not saying that it was a horrible album or anything like that.  It’s just to me it felt like this album was a little weaker then previous albums. The best way that I’m finding to describe and back up that last statement  is that with the exception of Never Surrender a lot of the tracks beats and vocals were really less in your face when compared to tracks off of other albums. Which really makes it come off as a very different listening experience. These are just my first thoughts though. Could the album end up growing on me ? It very well could so I’m not counting it out yet as one night I might just say “Hey, let me crank up some Making Monsters.”

So if your a Combichrist fan (I’m sure   this goes with out saying) but most of you will pick this album up regardless as I  myself probably will still pick up the CD when it’s released (band loyalty). However if your new to Combichrist I would highly recommend that you go through some of their older albums before you listen to this one.  It’s just so your more familiar with the sound that made us fall in love with their music!


One Response to “Album Review : Combichrist’s Making Monsters”

  1. After purchasing Today We Are All Demons I was similarly let down. Just because angry, loud music is popular in the scene right now doesn’t make angrier and louder music the better. Combichrist as of late has been little more than someone shouting over pounding rhythms and lackluster synth work, plus the occasional swear words to appeal to the target audience. This must be why I prefer Icon of Coil and Panzer AG. There is a maturity to those other projects that is sorely lacking in current CC. As such, I have put off purchasing this newest album. There is so much better out there right now. Granted there is also a whole lot worse. Combichrist lately is just meh.

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