Spotlight On: The Aztalan Turf Podcast

So as most of you guys know by now ( from previous spotlight featured here) that I’m always coming across new music, new sites, new people, new podcasts or new artist/photographers on the vast landscape that is the Internet. It’s when one of those above mentioned catches my attention that I feel the need to share with all of you my new findings so you to can enjoy!

Having said that this brings me to this spotlight on the Aztalan Turf podcast. The Aztalan Turf podcast is a bi-weekly well put together music show that’s first episode  graced the waves of the internet on March 2010. The show plays a wide range of music genres such as rock, EBM, synth pop, industrial, electro,  and goth just to name a few.

One of the things that the host and mastermind of  the Aztalan Turf podcast Renee made clear during the show is that she pretty much likes to plays music that she has  encountered and enjoyed or interested her versus music being played for the sake of playing music.  Which for those of you that have read previous spotlight I have done on  some of the other podcasts/shows out there ( for example  Sounds From The Sandbox, Latex Radio, and DJ Mirage’s show every Sunday night on Darkside Radio) you will see that this is a reoccurring theme. It’s this theme in my opinion that you really get to personalize your show/podcast. It becomes almost like an extension of your interests and passions shared with your listeners who have almost similar interests and passions and it really makes for an enjoyable listening experience( like the one I had last week with the Aztalan Turf podcast).

So as an individual with very much similar interests in the music genres played on the show I would highly recommend you guys give it shot! All of the episodes (1-13) are still available on the Aztalan Turf site here. If you like what you hear in episode 13 do go back and give a listen to some of the older episodes as well ( I know I will be).


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