Retro Album Review : Experiment Haywire’s – Cooler Than Genocide EP

In the second Retro Album Review to hit the site (for those of you that missed the first one you can view that by clicking here) I will review/ give my thoughts  on Experiment Haywire’s Cooler Than Genocide EP ( This will be this first of three Experiment Haywire reviews hitting the site so make sure to check back for more).

My first exposure to Experiment Haywire was The Remix Riot album that came out in December 2009 under the MachineKunt record Label.  After listening to the remix album I really wanted to hear more and not to mention wanting to hear the original versions of the songs that were remixed for this album. One of those songs in particular was  Cooler Than Genocide ( UberByte mix)!

The Cooler Than Genocide EP is a four track EP that was released back in June 2008(again by MachineKunt Records). One of the things with a remix album is it can  gave you  a false sense of what the artist or band has to offer. What I mean by that is even though you had enjoyed a remixed track does not mean that you will enjoy the original version. You can hope you will but your never too sure when your first listening experience came from a remix album. However this was not the case with the EP at all! In fact it had me hungering for more!

It’s the evenly ( not too have not too soft )distorted vocals, the catchy beats and strong lyrics ( of which were the same things that made me love the  Remix Riot album) that really makes this solo music project stand out in my opinion.  The best example of this on this EP ( one that really embodied all of  the qualities I mentioned above) is Cooler Than Genocide. Don’t count out the other tracks found on this EP though as they were all very enjoyable!

So if you guys haven’t checked out Experiment Haywire yet I highly recommend you do and head over to her website here. The site has tons of  information on Experiment Haywire and the mastermind behind the project Rachel Haywire. If  this review got your curiosity peaked or the website did and you want to treat you ears to some Experiment Haywire you can do so at her BandCamp store right here!


2 Responses to “Retro Album Review : Experiment Haywire’s – Cooler Than Genocide EP”

  1. Imbecilic lyrics and valley girl raping over fruity loops presets, that is all that Rachel Mandelson has to offer – that and a bucket of vile scene drama she stirs up to cover the cold fact that she has no musical talent whatsoever.

    • ok …. well thank you for the flip side opinion on this …. I’m not saying my opinion trumps all I only tell people what I have enjoyed if you like it or not that’s your own experience w/ it …. but I do have a question for you since your not part of my facebook fan page and I don’t think you follow me on twitter how did you find this post as no searches were done on Rachel Haywire and she’s the only other one with the direct link? I really want to know as I’m pretty f’n stumped as to if you hate her project so much why would you look for this article ……

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