About Me

Well after months of thinking about it i have made up my mind to open a word press page after seeing some real inspiration today. ok so who am i? I’m Bat… lol nope just wanted to say that. really I’m just a simple kind of guy with little rants and random thoughts to share. I’m into comics, industrial, heavy metal and psytrance music and horror movies. one thing my readers (if there are any) will see is that my posts will be very random. so consider this your warning. also yes my grammar can suck so this i know but I’m sure all of you will get the just of what I’m trying to say. feel free to comment any of my posts or feel free to follow me on twitter.


4 Responses to “About Me”


    • thank you! well i try to keep up with it everyday and it seems to work out pretty fine πŸ™‚ but seriously i really do push myself to get new stuff for my readers everyday..I have a few nice new spotlights coming up too as well i’m sure my readers will love ……

  2. Morning Ricardo! I see this site has really taken off! Now thats what I`m talking bout! I hope u reviewed “Pulp Fiction”……..don`t forget the major warning bout side effects of watching for 30 days straight! Extreme panic! LMAO

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