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Photography Spotlight : CandyLust

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A visual euphoria ( and I’m sure once you guys see a few photographs you’ll agree) was the first thing that came to mind when I came across CandyLust’s (Candace) portfolio on Model Mayhem(of which you guys can view here). Wanting (needing) to see more I headed over to the CandyLust website and visually I felt like a kid in a candy( no pun intended) store! It was at that point I knew that I really wanted to do a spotlight on CandyLust’s work here on the site/blog as I’m sure all of you will enjoy it as much as I have!

CandyLust specializes in Gothic, Fashion, Beauty, Fetish and Band( Combichrist,The Birthday Massacre, VNV Nation, and The Genitorturers to anme a few)  Photography with more of the main focus on the Gothic/Industrial and Fetish side of photography ( so you can see why CandyLust’s spotlight fits in quite well here).   CandyLust was created by Photographer/Artist/ Alternative Model Candace ( who was spotlight as one of the Alternative Beauties Of The Day awhile back and you can check that out here)  who got into photography when she was in college. Being a film major at first she enjoyed making short films but really enjoyed cinematography aspect of it. In that summer she took a photo class spending her entire time in the dark room. It was then that she absolutely fell in love with photography. Candice obtained a BA in Photography from Brooklyn College  and has a Masters degree in Digital Arts from Pratt Institute( of which I must say all that hard work that she has done to get to this point really does show in her work/portfolio).

Through out the course of our Email conversation Candace sent over an amazing collection of photographs from her portfolio which she thought all of you would enjoy (I know I did). :

I really love the colors used in this photo! It makes the photo very eye catching!

I really just like everything about this picture!

I love how this picture was shot!

A  kick ass background and the color tones of the photo just give it that extra level of expression!

I love the goggles 🙂

Here’s another One with a fantastic tone and a wonderful back ground that just makes the photo stand out!( Side note for you long time readers you might remember the model in the  photo above as Machine Sex who was one of the Alternative Beauties Of The Day if you wish you can see that post here)

The colors used in this photo are Amazing!

Here is a couple that I personally enjoyed from The CandyLust website:

The Black and White effect of the photo just gives it that eerie feel…. I like it!

Another former Alternative Beauty Of The Day in this one( for you newer readers you can see the post here)

Who Can say no to a little Horror in their photography ?

Here are a couple of Event Advertisements that were done up by CandyLust:

Ok not an Event Ad but A magazine cover and I love how this looks!

This is just a  treat for your eyes folks. If you guys like what you saw here then head over to The CandyLust Website here where you see more of her ever expanding portfolio( side note : the website is really neat and has a great design to it)! Also you have to check out her Youtube channel here where there is two music videos posted along with two short films of which I HIGHLY recommend you guys watch them as they are amazing! Also for you that still use Myspace ( Like Me 🙂 ) you can check out her Myspace page here and become a fan. All links will be posted to the side link section as well. Just so after this post goes towards the older post part of the site you guys will still have easy access to them.

So what’s next from CandyLust(Candace)? Well with several short projects coming up here and there one of the bigger ones she is doing is the shoot for the Vampire Freaks Calender ( due out next year). Which will feature Alternative Models from the NYC area so be sure to check that out as well!

I would like to send out a big TANK YOU to Candace for all of her time that she spent in responding to my Emails, getting really involved with her spotlight here and for the jaw dropping collection of pics that she sent over in her last Email! Again THANK YOU!!!

On a side note If your an Alternative Model, Band, even an actor or actress and would like to work with Candace you can contact her through her website, Model Mayhem page or Myspace!


Artist Spotlight : Victor Kurzweil

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One of the biggest thing this blog/site gives me is the chance to  share with you guys artists and bands that I come across and enjoy. That’s why I really like doing these spotlights so much. Because it gives me the chance to introduce to you guys to some amazing art and great music that you may not have been aware of before.

So that brings me to this spotlight on progressive/cutting edge photographer and digital artist Victor Kurzweil from the UK. I first came across Victor’s work on Model Mayhem. After seeing some of his amazing portfolio posted there I immediately contacted him and asked if he wouldn’t mind if I were to do a spotlight on his work for you guys here. Shortly there after Victor had contacted me back and was more then willing to have a spotlight done on his work on this blog/site.

Now I could just sit here and just say how truly amazing and eye catching his work is but I think I’ll let his pictures do that job for me

The use of the sepia tone in this photo really just makes the picture!

Another really amazing photo!

I really love how this one looks!

Same model as the last one. The snow effect and the color tone of this picture really just makes the photo very eye catching.

This is another one of my favorites.I really just like the way this picture looks!

Some of you older readers might recognize the model in this one as Elyssia  one of the Alternative Beauties of the day.

These were just a couple of my favorites that I enjoyed. You can see more of Victor’s work over at his Net-Model page here or his Model Mayhem page here .

Through the course of our Emails I had the chance to ask Victor a few questions for this spotlight:

What got you into photography?
Back when I was 17 I backpacked around Europe and took with me my first SLR camera an old Zenit E which was a Russian camera that weighed a ton. It was after seeing the results of this, that I developed a passion for photography. I was always into travel photography, and landscapes and nature. Then a few years ago with the advent of digital cameras  I started altering images digitally and began to have ideas that would be better achieved with people – models, and that lead to the images I create now.

How long have you been in the industry?
The model photography and digital art I’ve been doing for about 4 years.

Do you have any new and upcoming photography and digital art projects in the works that you would like people to know about?
I’m very self critical and soon disatisfied with my latest achievements, so I’m constantly trying to achieve something more. I’m fortunate that I dont ever run out of ideas, in fact the difficulty is trying to get all the ideas out there.

I would really like to thank Victor Kurzweil for his time and really getting involved with this spotlight. Victor always is interested in hearing from and working with new people, models, designers, and performers. So if your a model or designer or would like to work with Victor you always can contact him over at his Model Mayhem page here.

Artist Spotlight : Ana Cruz

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Since  some of my readers here appreciate Gothic/Dark Art as much as I do I am proud to present to you an artist spotlight on a very wonderful Photo Manipulation Artist: Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a self taught Photo Manipulation artist and a Make Up artist as well from Portugal.  Who is been in the art/Photo Manipulation industry for 5 years now.  This artist’s work is amazing! Here let me say that one more time with feeling “this artist’s  work is AMAZING!” much better.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the artist let me show you some of the beautiful work done by Ana Cruz:

I love the tones used in this  photo.

Same applies to this one as well simply just Amazing!

The last four especially the last one I’m just in love with. everything about the last picture here is just flat out amazing.

If you want to see more Of Ana Cruz’s work you can visit Ana’s website here. where these pictures were taken from. Also on Ana’s website you will be able to see more of the artists work not just on Photo Manipulation,Photography, and Ana’s Make up work as well. I strongly recommend that  you guys check out Ana’s Site.

I would also like to Thank Ana Cruz as well for letting me do this spotlight!