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My Thoughts On The Gene Genration

Posted in Movies with tags , , , , on August 11, 2010 by Rnowak

Now I know this isn’t a current movie in fact the movie was released at the AFI in 2007. It wasn’t released on DVD  until 2009. So your probably asking yourself why am I reviewing or giving my opinion on this movie now? Well this movie came as a recommendation from a friend (latexrecords) off of Twitter a few weeks back. After hearing the sweet soundtrack line up, a brief discrption of the movie and seeing this kick ass official Combichirst Music Video for the movie needless to say I was sold :

So having said all of that off I went into the vast reaches of the interwebs looking to see where or if I could find this movie. To my surprise actually I was able to track down the movie fairly easy and only for a measly nine bucks plus shipping! Not bad for going into this movie blind with nothing  other then a recommendation the only worst outcome would have been I was out 14 bucks. After watching this movie that wasn’t the case at all as I felt like my money was well spent on this kick ass hidden gem of a movie!

Now for those of you that have no clue as to what the Gene Generation ( other then what you saw in that Combichrist music video above) is I’ll fill you in. The Gene Generation is about an assassin named Michelle who’s job it is to track down and kill  DNA hackers ( where one tries to alter ones DNA for the better but kills the victim of the hack in the process)! Michelle wants a better Life for her and her brother outside of the man made walls that surround the city. Her trouble prone brother Jackie decides to  steals this device from their neighbor Christian called the Transcoder( A device that was originally intended to cure diseases but later would try to be used as a weapon )  to pay off his hefty gambling debt.  Desperate to find the Transcoder it’s creator Christian set off a tracking  signal to try and locate the device before it fell into the wrong hands( of which he hoped it hadn’t already). However it was that tracking signal that alerted the individuals who would use the device as a weapon to it’s location and now they too were in pursuit of the Transcoder.

Overall I really have to give the writers of this movie major props for the originality of the story( yeah sure you can watch movies similar to this on the SyFy channel but the stories usually end up being really bland and mind numbing ). Yes it’s a low budget movie with some special effects that are pretty cheesy by today’s standards I won’t lie to you there. However some the fight scene visuals I must say were pretty fucking awesome! I’m very happy that I got to experience this movie because if it wasn’t recommended to me  I would have  probably never given it a shot! So as it was recommended to me I would highly recommend it to all of you guys as well!


Sucker Punch Trailer Now Online !

Posted in Movies with tags , , , , , on July 27, 2010 by Rnowak

For those of you that remembered over the weekend when I posted the poster campaign( along with a little description of the movie) for Zack Snyder( 300 and Watchmen) next movie Sucker Punch you guys can skip this little intro. However if your new to the site and would like to read that article you can click here.

So tonight the first trailer came out for Sucker Punch, I must say that after watching the trailer I’m now even more excited for this movie! Now I can go on and talk about the trailer but I really think you guys should check it out for yourselves(please note: watch in a good quality format as the video  will look soooo much more crisper!):

Sucker Punch will be released March 2011

Sucker Punch Poster Campaign

Posted in Movies with tags , , , , , on July 24, 2010 by Rnowak

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) went in to full swing on Thursday and with it a plethora of goodies have been hitting the interwebs. One of the cool goodies I saw  yesterday morning was the poster campaign for Zack Snyder’s ( 300 and The Watchmen) new project called  Sucker Punch.

Now prior to seeing these  posters  I never heard of Sucker Punch before, other then some really vague plot descriptions from a few online sites and no trailer or teaser to go on Sucker Punch sounds like a twisted version of Alice In Wonderland. That features Zombied out soldiers, Mechs and  machine guns. So between the combination of that, the poster campaign and checking out the official site( of which there really isn’t much up on there other than a pretty sweet animated background) I can say that they have a ticket sold already!Not to mention if the style of this movie (visual wise) is anything like that of The Watchmen or 300 consider me even more excited to see this then.

Sucker Punch is due Out March 2011

My Thoughts On The Human Centipede

Posted in Movies with tags , , on June 17, 2010 by Rnowak

Ok so I finally watched The Human Centipede last night. For those of you that saw the trailer on my previous post know what I’m talking about and for those of you that didn’t I’ll post it again so you all can see what i’m talking about.

Now with The Human Centipede it falls into that category of horror films that sound funny as shit when you first hear the concept but for some unknown reason you just can’t help yourself from wanting to watch the movie. Movies such as Teeth ( about a killer vagina), The Stuff (killer peanut butter marshmallow fluff) and Special Dead (if you haven’t figured out what that’s about by the name alone IMDB it) have all fallen into this category. They all sound funny as shit that you just can’t help not to look away. Although this movie just doesn’t only fall into that category alone. With the success of the Saw franchise more and more we are seeing horror movies now a days that delve into that twisted /torture category and this film also finds it self in that category as well but that one was pretty much a give me based on the trailer above.

Now this movie I do believe hasn’t been released in the sates yet and I’m not sure that it ever will (now as for how i saw this film I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out that one 🙂 ).  The movie is a low budget German film if i’m not mistaken. So do keep that in mind as you watch this film and the acting from the very small cast involved. Again we are fans of horror we all know that we aren’t there to see an academy award winning performance from the actors and actresses involved. In fact some of the acting in the film I’m sure you will have a good chuckle with because god knows I had a fucking ball with it.

As for the story it’s a very simplistic one but again most horror films aren’t mind thinkers. Renowned German surgeon captures 3 people for his twisted experiment The Human Centipede. So like I said very simple and there isn’t any twists and turns from that at all. So if you were expecting a mind fucker sorry to disappoint because the only mind fuck you will get out of this film is seeing a human centipede.

So with all those factors in mind is it worth watching if you can get a hold of a copy?  If your a fan of twisted horror films I would say yes. However if your a casual fan horror films I don’t think you’ll find much enjoyment in the film.  Personally I thought the movie was pretty twisted at some parts but  overall it was a decent watch it’s wasn’t awful or anything like that but like I said it was a decent watch.

The 5 Worst Comic Book Movies Of All Time

Posted in Movies with tags , , , , , , on June 3, 2010 by Rnowak

so since i did up the 5 best comic book movies i thought it only would be fitting that i did the 5 worst comic book movies of all time. again these selections were made in my opinion and should be taken that way.

1 Batman and Robin

this was a star studded craptacular. this was just an awful film from beginning to end. Nipples on the Batsuit, God awful one lines and terrible acting were all factors in why this movie sucked. this was the final nail in the coffin for the Batman franchise before the reboot. Grant Morrison didn’t need to write Batman RIP folks he could have just Re released the comic book adaptation of this film if he truly wanted to kill off Batman. because it worked for Hollywood.

2 The Hulk

What the fuck did i just watch was the first thing in my mind when Ang Lee’s Hulk had ended. all i know is after i bought the movie and watched it i gave it away the same day! A 50 foot Hulk ?? really?? CGI Hulk Dogs??  the thought that the comic book panel concept would work for this film. i’m sure the only time that concept would have worked would be  in a Roger Corman comic book movie adaptation. this is another movie that i’m glad to see they remade instead of trying to put a sequel to that crap!

3 X-Men 3 : The Last Stand

The only person that did a good job in this film was Kelsey Grammar as Beast. having said that everyone else either sucked or didn’t have enough screen time thanks to Jackman and Berry. even if they wanted to salvage this film franchise they couldn’t because they killed everyone off!! everyone in this movie was way off from their comic book counterpart it was sickening!

4 Superman Returns

now i’m not sure which one of the incarnations of Superman is more of a joke Smallville’s or Superman Return’s. just so i’m on the same page as everyone else here this movie is set to take place after Superman 2 erasing Superman 3 and 4? OK i can kind of can understand that. it’s a unique way of updating a franchise to say the least. so did the concept work? Fuck no it didn’t. what you ended up with was a plot with more holes in it then Swiss Cheese. Not to mention the best and only  action sequence in the whole film was when Superman brought down an airplane!

5 Spider-Man 3

you know how movies have tag lines? well the tag line to this film should have been Spider-Man 3:  look what we did with all of your money. at least at that point i wouldn’t have felt so ripped off. having two great films prior to this one was a major blow to the Spider-Man franchise and fans. they tried to cram too much into this film and it blew up in their faces. to this day i’m still haunted by Emo Peter Parker’s strut through the streets of New York. on the plus side off all this they are rebooting the franchise. which i’m happy to hear after hearing all the awful shit they had in store for Spider-Man 4

The 5 Best Comic Book Films of All Time

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ok folks so since we all know one of my favorite things in life is Comics. so i thought it would be fitting if i posted my top 5 favorite comic book movies of all time. this time the list will be in order so just letting you guys know a head of time that this list was made in my opinion, so it should be taken that way. i’ll put a little blurb next to each of the films on why i thought it deserved that spot.

1 Batman Begins

This movie was unlike any Batman film before it. why you might ask? well because it truly was a Batman movie. it wasn’t a movie with just Batman in it surrounded by  a colorful parade of villains  like all the films before it. the films whole focal point was Batman. so for any Batman fan i’m sure this film is already on your top favorite batman movie list as it is number one on mine. but there was so much more to this movie  it took a fictional character and put him into a real life surrounding. all while still keeping a good portion of the Batman lore. plus the list of amazing Actors Such as Liam Neeson, Pre Terminator Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman all of which are a master of their craft. this in my mind is the film that said comic films should be taken seriously.

2) Iron Man

Iron Man was  Marvel’s step in the right direction on where to take comic book movies.  by spending all of around 2 minutes to create something that every comic geek has dreamed of since comic book movies were made, a comic book movie universe. not to mention Robert Downey Jr’s was much a perfect cast as billionaire Tony Stark as Patrick Stewart was to Professor X.

3) The Dark Knight

Now the Dark Knight was a great movie that’s why it’s number 3. but the hype this film got was way out of control. now i understand it got more attention because of Heath Ledger’s Death and the loyal female Ledger fans that went to see this movie even though they had no interest in Batman just added to the success of this film. now don’t get me wrong Ledger played an excellent Joker which made this film so great  but  what happened to Bale though in this one?  his Batman was WAY OVER THE TOP in this film.

4 Iron Man 2

Now this was a sequel! it kept in the same realm of the first film. the thing that really nailed this film a spot on my top 5 list was the additions to the Marvel Movie Universe. Additions such as Black Widow and War Machine who’s roles in this movie were fantastic and i guess have had a huge response that they are already confirmed for the Avengers. it also set up it’s own movie universe history that we will see more of in Captain America.

5 The Watchmen

now this was a nicely done movie. Visually it looked very nice, the alternate 80’s feel of the film, the soundtrack to this film was amazing and some excellent acting  by Jeffery Dean Morgan and Jackie Earl Haley were the factors that just made this film fantastic.  plus that opening title sequence with the flashbacks was just kick ass!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World New Trailer

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so it’s kind of nice to see other comic books get their time to shine on the silver screen. now don’t get me wrong as part comic geek i love shelling out my money to see the big screen adaptations of heroes such as Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Green Lantern(Finally) and Superman. but some times there are other books that you read that don’t  have the same main stream attention that Spider-Man would have. so it’s good to see movies such as Kick ass, Hack/Slash (whenever that decides to get the hell out of movie limbo), Watchmen and now Scott Pilgrim Vs The World get there spotlight so it  may attract readers to some stories or comic series that we may have enjoyed our self.

having said that last night the new Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Trailer came out and so far to me  it looks pretty sweet. it’s grabbed my attention to want to go out and see it when it comes out and that’s a hard thing to do now a days with some of the movies coming out. so for those of you who have yet to see it i tracked it down on Youtube for your viewing pleasure :