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DJ Mirage Gives Her Show On Darkside Radio Some Podcast Love !!!

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on September 18, 2010 by Rnowak

That’s right DJ Mirage has uploaded her live set/show from last week to her personal podcast page! So for all of you that might have missed last weeks show your in luck as you can head over here and check it out! While your there you can also check out older sets she has done live on Darkside Radio!

Don’t forget to tune into DJ Mirage’s show ever Sunday night at 10pm est on my other home away from home Darkside Radio!


OH NO! I Didn’t Want Facebook To See That!

Posted in Rants with tags , , , , , on May 28, 2010 by Rnowak

ah… the world we live in now a days is filled with social networking sites such as facebook and twitter of which i use both. so for people that don’t let me give you some insight as to what these sites are. on these sites we can share with our followers/ friends or what have you  information such as Bill:” just ate a taco” 5 minutes ago or something from our personal lives such as Jane: “tim just broke up with me he is such an asshole”  and even our personal thoughts on situations that are going on around the world are shared such as Robert: ” i hope all them BP bastards get whats coming to them” . now of course these were just examples of what some people post and not actual post that i have seen.

now having said that on to the real issue of this rant Facebook has been under fire for some time now about privacy issues. so for those of you that have been living in a cave you can find an article that talks about this and the new changes to come on Facebook on The Smart Shop Now blog here. so anyways apparently facebook shares with your friends information you might not want them to know. such as the guy who bought his girlfriend an engagement ring and she found out about it through facebook. yes in that example that is something horrible that happened and if i were the guy i would be very pissed off about the site where he bought the ring and what information it shared with Facebook. now lets take a look at the 37 year old male listening to some Justin Beiber on Pandora radio and it somehow make it’s way over to Facebook that Jake was listening to Justin Beiber at 11:54pm on Pandora radio. now Jake is pissed because his coworkers and or friends now know that he was rocking out to some teen pop music.  so what? what or why should Jake care if people found out he was rocking out to some Bieber and Adam from work found out and had a good chuckle about it.  why get hung up over the shallow things? if they are your friends then they already should know or now they know but why hide something like that? you never know that Adam might be listening to some Hanna Montana but the post just didn’t make it’s way to facebook. i can tell you for one that i myself have never experienced this problem with facebook and i have been on facebook for about 3 years now. hell i even think there is a button that you even have to click for it to get shit posted to facebook  and so what if something just came up? so what if  my friends and followers found out that me being into heavy metal music and industrial music is rocking out to some Kate Voegele (btw yes i do listen to Kate Voegele she has an amazing voiceand is very talented) or that i bought a Dr.Doom action figure off of i for one would think it to be fucking hilarious if facebook posted everything i did online.  i have nothing to hide as you all have seen from reading my blog.

so anyways whats my point here? my point is while things such as the purchase of the ring that was posted to facebook is and was a horrible thing that happened and i truly feel for the guy. i really do.  but as for what site you visit and or what music you listen to so what?you guys alraedy have posted what you did during sex or what you id in the bathroom so why get hung up on the shallow shit then? if you do then don’t hit that button that will share what your doing online with facebook because everyone will see what your doing and if it just magically makes it’s way on to facebook again i say to you so what? i don’t  like or listen to Justin Beiber but if  my friend Jack does so what? I’m not going to stop being his friend because he does. sure i might make a joke if i didn’t know but  that’s that . Jack sure as shit can make all the jokes about Kate Voegele  he wants.  i wouldn’t care were friends right?

Lets Talk about What People Won’t..

Posted in Rants with tags , , , on May 25, 2010 by Rnowak

So last night i had an interesting conversation with my friend about something  a lot of people are afraid to talk about and that is porn. now the conversation was about a fact that i saw online. the fact was 72 million people access an adult site world wide monthly. to me this number seems kind of low. espically when you add the world wide factor into it. now i know what your saying that 72 million people is a lot of fucking people. but here’s my point there are a bunch of people out there who are probably afraid to admit they go to an adult based website so they wouldn’t be part of that why do they have this fear? well there are many factors you have to take into account here.

first being the media, the church and your local politicians slamming porn as a tool of corruption and a tool of the devil. looking at porn is a sin as deemed by the church. well lets take a look at these statements. you have the priest who carries the torch for his alter boys and you have the politician who fucks the high paid prostitute. no not all of theses groups of people do this i’m just saying it’s usually the guy on his high horse throwing stones at something that is the one contradicting his “stand on the subject”. so are they right can porn corrupt? it can corrupt if you let it corrupt you. or you don”t know any better. remember we have a thing called impulse control. you know the thing that stop us from doing very bad shit.  so if you go and do something that is bad and you hurt someone or break the law it’s not porns fault. it’s yours or your minds. it’s just like how the same people love to blame movies and video games for violence and killings. having a low impulse control is a mental problem and yes  it’s something that you may not be in control over but at least you should let your doctor know or some one you feel comfortable talking to know if you start having bad thoughts so they can get you the help you need. but if you know it’s wrong and do it anyway well that’s all on you pal.

secondly there is the people who can’t because they don’t want their wives and girlfriends or husbands and boyfriends know they look at other flesh other then their significant other. funny thing about that is quite a few couples like to spice up their sex life with the use of adult content. they use porn to add the extra zing .  then you have the adolescent teen looking at porn because he or she is going through that stage in their life and can’t admit it because of the grounding his parents will give him or her and rightfully so. IN NO WAY SHOULD YOUNG ADULTS LOOK AT PORN! so parents of  young adults please if i can have anything to say to you that might mean something out of what you read here it’s know what your kids are doing, use your Internets site blocker check your cookies and history after your kids use. know who your kids talk to online.  being a monitor of what your kids  do might make you the bad guy to them but in actual reality you are a fucking superhero! because their minds haven’t fully developed yet. that can’t process  what you and i can. yes they know between right and wrong but their mind isn’t as developed as yours or mine. so agian i might sound like a broken record but TALK TO YOUR KIDS! and KNOW WHAT THEY DO ONLINE.

so anywho after my GI JOE PSA up there this seems to go back to my mask rant i made a few days ago. why be afriad to admit something that is an interest or a like?   yes Porn is a thing that something for your privet part of your life. but when asked do you look at porn? why lie what do you have to be ashamed of ? like i said 72 million is a lot of fucking people but it’s an asinine number because there are and i’m sure as shit a lot more people then 72 million world wide that access an adult based websites on a monthly basis, remember folks questionnaires  are conducted anomalously so the world won’t know that john doe at 123 your address in your city, usa looks at porn 3 times weekly. my point is why be so ashamed?

as always these things are written in my point of view and should be taken that way. we all have our points of view this is mine