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RIP Peter Vincent……

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Ok well I said I would be right back to Hollywood because they tend to fuck things up real good. Which brings me to tonight’s post guys. In my first rant about movies I brushed on Hollywood making a Fright Night remake. now for those of you who are fortunate enough  to remember the original Fright Night you guys can skip the upcoming paragraph.

For those of you who have no clue as to what Fright Night is allow me to fill you in. Fright Night was a fantastic 80’s horror film about  high school student Charlie Brewster who believes that his new next door neighbor is a vampire( no not the sparkly pedophile kind ). So his friends enlist the aid of  cult TV show host Peter Vincent to try to expose and kill this creature of the night before he kills Charlie and all of his friends. now with that said I highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of horror movies or non Twilight vampire fans. If you haven’t seen this movie you really are depriving your self.

But enough of my love fest for this film. Now as we all know Hollywood has been on this remake kick for a while now and I won’t go into depth about that because we already touched on that.  So with that in mind every one out there knows Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Michale Myers but seriously does anyone know who Jerry Dandridge is? One of my problems with the Fright Night remake is that no one really knows what it is save the ones who remember it. Fright Night isn’t a franchise that is a money maker at all and never will be. So then to me it really just falls into that category of lets remake it because we can. There is no need for a Fright Night remake at all. Unless that is your cashing in on the success of vampires in films today based on the success of Twilight which let me tell you is way far off from what vampires are.  If the younger generation needs to be introduced to this film re-release it then. Put it in theaters for a week only thing if you want. Get them interested in what it is before you butcher the shit out of it.

which brings me to why I am writing this at 2 am in the east cost. Details have surfaced on the remake’s incarnation of  washed out legendary film actor Peter Vincent Vampire Killer. In this remake several reputable sites are reporting that the Peter Vincent part will be more of A Chris Angel type of character. Now for any of us that remembers the film will tell you that is blasphemy! I think and this is my opinion and should be taken that way the writers of this remake have really missed the mark on the whole character of Peter Vincent. was Peter Vincent a Star? yes he was. He was a washed out, he was an out of touch legendary actor .Not a showboating pompous ass  running around like a rock star. Or at least and again this is in my opinion of what the character is going to be like in the remake. Could I be jumping the gun on this? Yes it is a great possibility that I very well could be and we won’t know until this film gets released. I might be bitching for nothing. In all seriousness though seeing as whats been done to good things as of late I highly doubt that I’m going to be far off from that call. Will it work for the Film like Michale Myers white trash family upbringing did for Zombie’s remake or re-do of Halloween? Again only time and the film will only be able to tell us that. But my gut just turns thinking of the new details.


Perception, Perception, Perception

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ok so this topic came up on a blog of my friends twice this week so i thought it only fitting to end the week out with it. you can view the post here where this rant of mine was spawned from.

Perception , if you think something is that way it is that way. does this make you wrong? not necessarily. it’s your thought or your opinion  that you have made of something based on the information/knowledge (or lack of) you have  on the subject at hand.

take for example Art or more so risque art for that fact of the matter. where the line for some might be blurred.  no this isn’t a pro porn post it’s just one of the many examples out there. now back to the topic at hand  i’ll show you what i’m talking about.

Now you decide are these pictures in the pornographic nature? or are they just art? to me these are both pictures of art.but that’s just me there is no wrong answer to those questions as it’s just what your perception of what art and pornography is based on your knowledge of both.

so where am i going with this you might ask. well here’s my point  while your perception on something that is yours alone and is not necessarily wrong but perception can be heavily based upon knowledge. now having said that i’m going to fill you in on the definition of porn  for those of   you that might not know. Porn is any form media that is intended to create or used for the purposes of arousal. now with that definition  in mind look back to those pictures . do you still feel the same way about them? did your opinion change? well what ever you answered  you still are not wrong because again it’s is your perception, your opinion about the subject. for those of you that opinions might have changed based on that definition alone then your opinion wasn’t changed by me  (and for me  to think that  i would want everyone to see things my way would be asinine on my part) but by new information you may have received on the subject like the definition. but for thoes of you that refuse to look at any information and are set in your ways that this is this and this is that. i have to say to you that while your not wrong, you just are staying very close minded.

so i guess to wrap this up i would like to say to you guys enhance your knowledge while your perception/opinion of the subject might not change at least you did open your mind to see another point of view based on information either given or said to you on any subject that is not just one of this nature.

OH NO! I Didn’t Want Facebook To See That!

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ah… the world we live in now a days is filled with social networking sites such as facebook and twitter of which i use both. so for people that don’t let me give you some insight as to what these sites are. on these sites we can share with our followers/ friends or what have you  information such as Bill:” just ate a taco” 5 minutes ago or something from our personal lives such as Jane: “tim just broke up with me he is such an asshole”  and even our personal thoughts on situations that are going on around the world are shared such as Robert: ” i hope all them BP bastards get whats coming to them” . now of course these were just examples of what some people post and not actual post that i have seen.

now having said that on to the real issue of this rant Facebook has been under fire for some time now about privacy issues. so for those of you that have been living in a cave you can find an article that talks about this and the new changes to come on Facebook on The Smart Shop Now blog here. so anyways apparently facebook shares with your friends information you might not want them to know. such as the guy who bought his girlfriend an engagement ring and she found out about it through facebook. yes in that example that is something horrible that happened and if i were the guy i would be very pissed off about the site where he bought the ring and what information it shared with Facebook. now lets take a look at the 37 year old male listening to some Justin Beiber on Pandora radio and it somehow make it’s way over to Facebook that Jake was listening to Justin Beiber at 11:54pm on Pandora radio. now Jake is pissed because his coworkers and or friends now know that he was rocking out to some teen pop music.  so what? what or why should Jake care if people found out he was rocking out to some Bieber and Adam from work found out and had a good chuckle about it.  why get hung up over the shallow things? if they are your friends then they already should know or now they know but why hide something like that? you never know that Adam might be listening to some Hanna Montana but the post just didn’t make it’s way to facebook. i can tell you for one that i myself have never experienced this problem with facebook and i have been on facebook for about 3 years now. hell i even think there is a button that you even have to click for it to get shit posted to facebook  and so what if something just came up? so what if  my friends and followers found out that me being into heavy metal music and industrial music is rocking out to some Kate Voegele (btw yes i do listen to Kate Voegele she has an amazing voiceand is very talented) or that i bought a Dr.Doom action figure off of i for one would think it to be fucking hilarious if facebook posted everything i did online.  i have nothing to hide as you all have seen from reading my blog.

so anyways whats my point here? my point is while things such as the purchase of the ring that was posted to facebook is and was a horrible thing that happened and i truly feel for the guy. i really do.  but as for what site you visit and or what music you listen to so what?you guys alraedy have posted what you did during sex or what you id in the bathroom so why get hung up on the shallow shit then? if you do then don’t hit that button that will share what your doing online with facebook because everyone will see what your doing and if it just magically makes it’s way on to facebook again i say to you so what? i don’t  like or listen to Justin Beiber but if  my friend Jack does so what? I’m not going to stop being his friend because he does. sure i might make a joke if i didn’t know but  that’s that . Jack sure as shit can make all the jokes about Kate Voegele  he wants.  i wouldn’t care were friends right?

Let’s Talk More About What People Won’t

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ok so this time this one was spun out of a video spotlight i posted here on the Blog. for those of you who watched you probably already know where this is going but for those of you whom did not (and shame on you) i will fill you in the video was posted by the new Youtube show Dark Planet . now not only was Ayria a guest on the show but it also spotlighted a Toronto based super Fetish show.  so for those of my readers with the powers of the force you might be able to see where this is going.  at the end of the video the host asked the man responsible for putting on these super shows what he thought about the people that turned their nose or were afraid of the word fetish.   so seeing how my pro porn conversation went on here i thought this would be a perfect topic of conversation for this blog. since we are all willing to talk about topics that other people won’t ( you guys know me defiling the internet with every post).

So the point to this post is why are some people afraid of this word or this act? why do people turn up there noes when they hear the word? why does this have such a bad name? and as one of my friends put it why do people look at you like your going to kill someone when they hear the word? again if we see a recurring theme here folks well congratulations to you. well to me at least i think that it largely falls on people being afraid of what they do not know or understand. well why don’t people know what it is or understand it? because it’s another thing in the ever growing topics that isn’t widely discussed. you won’t see Larry King or Dateline do a exploit on fetishism on their shows unless it’s the evil that it might cause. in this world or at least to me we have a ton of close minded individuals. just look how society black balls the gay community or anyone different for that matter of fact. i truly think a lot more people have fetishes but just are afraid to talk about it. especially since there is  such a broad horizon of things that fetish covers. things such as bondage,foot,spanking, latex, and even blood and there is a ton more.  so why be afraid? well in my opinion at least and you can take it for what it is as long as your not committing any crime ( for example child abuse, animal abuse or other such acts)  why hide a like or a passion of yours when asked or if ever asked? why look like you don’t know what a person is talking about when they bring a subject up in conversation? like i said before yes we all have different likes, tastes, and interest but it’s what makes us us. we or at least me don’t want you to drink any kool aid and join a won’t turn into a sadist, as some would have you think. like girl put it in the video “it’s an expression” and hey if it’s not your thing it’s not your thing and that’s fine. i just think people as a whole should be more open minded to other things though and not condemn. but wishing for that might just be a moot point in this day in age.

again this like many other points of views are that of my own opinion and should be taken that way. no offense was intended for anyone.

Lets Talk about What People Won’t..

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So last night i had an interesting conversation with my friend about something  a lot of people are afraid to talk about and that is porn. now the conversation was about a fact that i saw online. the fact was 72 million people access an adult site world wide monthly. to me this number seems kind of low. espically when you add the world wide factor into it. now i know what your saying that 72 million people is a lot of fucking people. but here’s my point there are a bunch of people out there who are probably afraid to admit they go to an adult based website so they wouldn’t be part of that why do they have this fear? well there are many factors you have to take into account here.

first being the media, the church and your local politicians slamming porn as a tool of corruption and a tool of the devil. looking at porn is a sin as deemed by the church. well lets take a look at these statements. you have the priest who carries the torch for his alter boys and you have the politician who fucks the high paid prostitute. no not all of theses groups of people do this i’m just saying it’s usually the guy on his high horse throwing stones at something that is the one contradicting his “stand on the subject”. so are they right can porn corrupt? it can corrupt if you let it corrupt you. or you don”t know any better. remember we have a thing called impulse control. you know the thing that stop us from doing very bad shit.  so if you go and do something that is bad and you hurt someone or break the law it’s not porns fault. it’s yours or your minds. it’s just like how the same people love to blame movies and video games for violence and killings. having a low impulse control is a mental problem and yes  it’s something that you may not be in control over but at least you should let your doctor know or some one you feel comfortable talking to know if you start having bad thoughts so they can get you the help you need. but if you know it’s wrong and do it anyway well that’s all on you pal.

secondly there is the people who can’t because they don’t want their wives and girlfriends or husbands and boyfriends know they look at other flesh other then their significant other. funny thing about that is quite a few couples like to spice up their sex life with the use of adult content. they use porn to add the extra zing .  then you have the adolescent teen looking at porn because he or she is going through that stage in their life and can’t admit it because of the grounding his parents will give him or her and rightfully so. IN NO WAY SHOULD YOUNG ADULTS LOOK AT PORN! so parents of  young adults please if i can have anything to say to you that might mean something out of what you read here it’s know what your kids are doing, use your Internets site blocker check your cookies and history after your kids use. know who your kids talk to online.  being a monitor of what your kids  do might make you the bad guy to them but in actual reality you are a fucking superhero! because their minds haven’t fully developed yet. that can’t process  what you and i can. yes they know between right and wrong but their mind isn’t as developed as yours or mine. so agian i might sound like a broken record but TALK TO YOUR KIDS! and KNOW WHAT THEY DO ONLINE.

so anywho after my GI JOE PSA up there this seems to go back to my mask rant i made a few days ago. why be afriad to admit something that is an interest or a like?   yes Porn is a thing that something for your privet part of your life. but when asked do you look at porn? why lie what do you have to be ashamed of ? like i said 72 million is a lot of fucking people but it’s an asinine number because there are and i’m sure as shit a lot more people then 72 million world wide that access an adult based websites on a monthly basis, remember folks questionnaires  are conducted anomalously so the world won’t know that john doe at 123 your address in your city, usa looks at porn 3 times weekly. my point is why be so ashamed?

as always these things are written in my point of view and should be taken that way. we all have our points of view this is mine

Who We Truly Are

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Ok so i feel like being completely random right now and feel like posting something that i see  happens a lot in todays world. so let me start off by saying i’m not out to offend anyone with this post. this is made in my point of view so it should be viewed in that way.

Sometimes when i step out my door and go to a mall or a bar or what have you i feel like i’m at a costume party and i’m the only one who showed up with out a costume.  after a while you might be able to seek out a few others who ” are not in costume” but it’s a very select handful at least in my opinion. maybe more depending where your at or who is willing to share of themselves.  but still at least to me the numbers are very low. are there only that so few of us who truly embrace who we truly are openly? like the Flower Child who is not afraid to admit who she is, the homosexual who is not afraid to admit that she or he is gay, or the people who have passions for something that’s not deemed normal and are open about their passions. why are  these people ridiculed and hated for embracing who they are and what their interests might be? why are some afraid to let that true side of us show?  is it we fear the ridicule and the hate of that an open individual would? or is it we fear what we do not know or understand? or is it just me seeing things from the wrong point of view? i’m not going to lie to you  it could very well be just me but in all honesty i can’t be that far off when you hear about a gay man that is dragged down a street  tied to a truck killing him, a couple beaten up in a park in England for embracing the Gothic life style, the kid picked on in school because he reads Amazing Spider-Man instead of being a football player, or the looks of disgust that shows on people that pass by faces that one gets when going  out to a night club for fetish night. after even seeing what i wrote  it’s no wonder why some feel that they have to put on a mask.

so what point am i trying to make? while some of our interests,likes, sexuality, and life styles differ were all still human. it’s what makes us us. if we weren’t different we would all be clones of one another.  so in my opinion  as long as your not hurting anybody or yourself you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are. we shouldn’t put on masks to hide whom we truly are. we should come as we are because it’s who we are not what we are trying to be.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense as sometimes my thoughts can get jumbled up while i type.

What Did he just say? Edited TV Gets a Rant

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Ah it’s Saturday night and you know what that means Saturday night TV.  Showcasing Saturday night TV are movies that  have the Crap edited out of them so all the good stuff is completely gone. you all know what i’m talking about. you get to the gory part in the horror film and it’s cut, the bad ass line in the action flick is replaced with something that takes the sizzle out of the line, or the funny joke in a comedy is edited because it involved one of the seven words you can’t say on tv.  that’s one of the reasons why i can’t watch some of the movies that come on regular TV.  for example not that i enjoyed Snakes on a plane but this is a great example of what i’m talking about.

it was supposed to be a bad ass line but i think Monkey Fighting took the Bad Ass out of that line.  funny thing though Monday to Friday wasn’t to bad.  here’s a second one that was way too fucking funny to hear

again another Bad Ass line cut. so this is when i usually pull out the DVD and sit down and watch my movie the way it was intended to be seen.  i know there’s not really anything anyone can do about this due to FCC rules but  it’s just a little thing i felt like ranting on about tonight.