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Spotlight on The Sounds From The Sandbox Podcast

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In the past few Months I have met a lot of interesting people online whom have the same ( if not more) passion about the music genre we all love.  It’s when they take that burning passion and transfer it into music, writing, a podcast show, a record label or a radio station that it becomes something that really stands out! It becomes something that needs to be shared with others  out there that may have never heard of  the artist, blogger, band, podcast, or radio station before so you can enjoy it as much as I do ( this is why I love doing these spotlights)!

So this brings me to the spotlight on Sounds From The Sandbox! Sounds From The Sandbox is a regularly updated podcast show  that plays a fantastic selection of new and old industrial, EBM, powernoise, aggrotech, coldwave, metal, punk and much more ( so it’s the good stuff ). The podcast is available through Itunes ( leave comments on how well you enjoy the show if your an Itunes user  as everyone love comments) or you can go directly to the Sounds From The Sandbox site here.

I came across the mastermind behind the Sounds From The Sandbox CRY0G3N  on Twitter( a pretty cool dude to follow on Twitter @CRY0G3N)  at first I did not  know that he did these podcast shows so it wasn’t until I saw a tweet about it that put me in the loop finally. So highly interested in it I immediately( after seeing the tweet)  went to download the podcast! After listening to the quality, the energy and how well put together the show was  I knew that I was hooked! So I went back to get the previous episodes that I missed out on( and the previous shows did not disappoint at all)!

So far there has been 6 well crafted episodes released ( number 7 is on the way) all are still available for download! Of which I highly recommend that you guys do check out not only the new episodes but the older episodes as well too!  If you like what you hear you can become a fan of  Sounds From The Sandbox on Facebook here or again follow @CRY0G3N on twitter for up to date news on sounds from the Sandbox and release times for future episodes!


Spotlight On Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast

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Everyone has something their passionate about! It’s one of the reasons why I started this site.  I wanted a place where I could share things I was passionate about and things that interested me with anyone who would listen( or read in this case). It’s by sharing these passions and interests not only do we encounter like minded individuals but we are opening up a whole new world for some people to enjoy what we enjoy on a daily basis.

This brings me to why I’m writing this spotlight on Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast. I first encountered Latex Records over the interwebs via Twitter. After talking with  Latex Records owner Edwin Minzenmayer on Twitter ( of which we have had numerous conversations) and scoping out the Latex Records Site it was at that point I could tell Edwin was very passionate and very opinionated about music and the music industry! Of which when one gets very passionate about an  interests of theirs  I feel ( I’m not sure about you guys) very  hyped myself! So I thought I would Share that hype with all of you and give a shout out to Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podacst!

So first off I’m sure most of you are wondering  what exactly is Latex Records? Well I would love to answer that question for you guys but I think it would be best if you guys were to get the lowdown from Edwin himself by visiting the about us page here!  It’s an extremely well written about us section ( Something you don’t see a lot of when you click into an about us section. Most of them sound stiff and wooden with no life at all. However this one was written just full of life!) and  it’s something I don’t think  I would do justice to if I were to just summarize it for you guys.

While your at The Latex Records website do check out the services Latex Records offer,  The Artists that have worked and or still work with the label( such as Container of which I reviewed their Before EP last week and that can be found here), The Latex Records Amazon Store( please support music  and buy don’t download illegally) , A forum  filled with well written reviews , News, Events  and  not to mention the other half to this spotlight The Latex Radio Podcast!

The Latex Radio Podcast is a podcast show that is done up by Edwin Minzenmayer  (now in partnership with  EBM Radio and Dark Horizons Radio) that features music from the Industrial, EBM, Goth, Darkwave, Electronica, Trance and many more genres( of which I’m sure most of my readers musical tastes falls in to at least one of these categories). I had the pleasure of tuning in to the latest episode of the podcast last week and I really enjoyed the hell out of it. It was that enjoyment factor that caused me to go back and tracked down some older episodes to please my ears( and wasn’t let down! I loved the Halloween one)! If you guys are interested in checking it out ( Of which I highly recommend that you do) you can visit the Latex Radio Podcast site here ( Of which will be added to the links section as soon as this spotlight is done) for all the details on how you guys can tune in!

I would like to Thank Edwin for allowing me to do this spotlight up on Latex Records and The Latex Radio Podcast and taking the time to answer any question I had while writing this spotlight!  For all you Twitter users out there you can follow Latex Records @latexrecords of which I highly recommend that you do as Edwin is a very cool dude to follow and it’s truly never a dull twitter moment moment when your following him. If your a Facebook user you also can become a fan of Latex Records here.

Finally A Radio Station I Can Enjoy

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As a DJ I’m always listening to music not just for ideas for new upcoming mixes but as I just love the way music makes me feel. Nothing beats just sitting here with my headphones on and music playing. I feel like I’m in my own little world (not that I’m not already 🙂 ) . I also like to roam the interwebs looking to expand my ever growing music library. Of which I can say is quite hard when you don’t really have a real radio station( local or live streaming) that plays your favorite music genres. So I really rely on places such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and word of mouth as my  grounds for finding new artists and new music to enjoy.

That was until last night.  I came across a retweet from someone that mentioned this online streaming radio station called Darkside Radio was playing on of my favorite bands. Intrigued by it I went to the site to check it out and joined the online streaming fun. With in the first few songs of the wonderfully crafted set by DJ Mirage ( who DJ’s for the station every Sunday night) I was hooked.It’s not everyday (at least for me that is. As I do not claim to know all online radio station ) you can turn on an online radio station( with out typing the bands name or song. Yep take that Pandora 🙂 ) and get one great song then to be hit by some Combichrist and there after that followed by Unter Null . My ears were in a music euphoria last night thanks to Darkside Radio and DJ Mirage!

So now you guys know the experience that I had with it last night only I’ll fill you in on just what Darkside Radio is. Darkside Radio is a free 24/7  online streaming radio station(They have many streaming options on the site so you can pick your favorite) that plays music from the Gothic, Industrial, and EBM genre.  The Darkside Radio site just isn’t a place where they just tell you whats playing now but it is an online community as well. The community consists of things such as forum boards and online groups ( I am a member of the site and you can view my profile here it is free to sign up). In addition to the online community the site also offers an events calendar,  blogs , news,articles, and interviews with bands( yep the site offers quite a bit).  So you guys can head over here and join the community(if you want to) but do enjoy the streaming music because I sure as hell am ( in fact I’m listening to it right now as I type this )and remember it’s on 24/7! Also be sure to check out DJ Mirage’s sets every Sunday night!

Just as a side note if any DJ’s out there read my blog the site is looking for dedicated DJ’s to play sets on the station. If it sounds like something your interested in you can get more information on the site.

Music Spotlight : Psyborg Corp.

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Earlier this week I reviewed Psyborg Corp.’s first full length debut album The Mechanical Renaissance (for those of you that are new to the site/blog and didn’t see it you can find that here.). So as soon as I finished the review I immediately contacted the band to see if they would be cool with having a spotlight done on them as I really enjoyed their music and was sure that some of you would enjoy it as well! Sure enough the band responded and was more than willing to have a spotlight done up on them.

Psyborg Corp. consists of :

p5YbORG – Biomechanical Vox Modulator and Synthetic Multifrequency Generator

Miss Pixel – Fourwired Seismic Shocker

UserX86 – Sixwired Complex Synthechord

Psyborg Corp. is a Colombian based Electro/Industrial and Harsh EBM band. Their unique eye catching Sci-Fi visuals , lyrics, beats, and catchy Sci- Fi/Electro  melodies make them truly stand out in the Electro/Industrial music genre.  In 2009 the band signed with German label NoiTekk. In 2010 the band released not only their first single Technocracy  (it was a wonderful prelude of what was to come off of their first full length debut album. The single is still available as a free download off the bands Myspace.) and their first full length debut album The Mechanical Renaissance( of which I’m still listening to and still enjoying even as I type this) . I for one truly hope there is more to come from this truly amazing and unique band.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to listen to the song clips I found off of Youtube (posted in the Album review) I’ll re-post them here (with a few more of my favorites) . So you guys can listen to a few songs from The Mechanical Renaissance album:

To listen to a few more tracks off of the album you can check out the bands Myspace page here where they have  a few more on their Myspace music player. If you have a Twitter you also can follow the band on there @ PsyborgCorp. If you like the music you heard and want to buy the album you can do so from a link off the bands Myspace(Just  click  on the album banner) or you can buy the digital download from amazon’s Mp3 store( Trust me it is very worth it).

I would like to thank p5Y and  Psyborg Corp for taking the time to responding to my Email and getting involved with this spotlight and for the amazing HQ pictures that they sent over.

Music Spotlight : Twitch The Ripper

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In the age of  social networking sites (such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter) a lot of new and upcoming  bands and artists have a bigger playground then just the local music circuit to help get the word out about their music and work. Which when you actually think about it really is an amazing thing because it gives people the chance to listen to some  bands and artists they would have never came across in any CD or record store. It’s sort of like those days back when your friends were like ” hey dude you have to check out this band” but on a much much lager scale.  So having said that this brings me to  Connecticut based Electronic group Twitch The Ripper ( or TTR to some).  I first became aware of the band via Twitter.

Twitch The Ripper consists of Jon Dobyns (Vocals, Synth, and Guitar) and Lonn Bologna(Programming, Synth, and Drums).  Jon and Lonn self released their first EP back in 2009 entitled Don’t Go Out Tonight (Of which you can get from Itunes and Their first full length album entitled Bodiless is due out some time this year. On the bands website the first track off the full length album called Disconnected was posted on June 14th( of which you can visit here and have a listen to your self). Now when I heard the song I must say that it did catch my interest(  I have listened to it a few times now myself) enough to the point where I can say that I’m interested in hearing more of tacks from the album now(which actually we are in luck as the track Bodiless from the album will be released on Monday on the bands website if I’m not mistaking).

If you want to know more about Twitch The Ripper you always can visit the bands website here where you can find up to date news, media, and tour dates as well. If you like what you hear you also can become a fan of them on Twitter @TwitchTheRipper , Facebook over here and Myspace over here for those of you that still use Myspace that is. You also can find them on Youtube here.

Music Spotlight: Miss FD

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Here on this page I like to point out not only things I have passions about, but things that I think my readers might enjoy as much as I do. Which is why these spotlights exist. So that some of you out there might be introduced to something or someone you may have never heard of. So that if you like what you see or hear you can expand your musical or artistic tastes.

Which brings me today’s spotlight on Gothic/Industrial artist Miss FD.  Miss FD is a Florida based Gothic/ Industrial artist. Whose fan base is not only here in the states but Miss FD has a huge European following as well. If it’s any indication on how she values her fans such as the time Miss FD had taken to answer my E-mails on allowing me to do this spotlight of her I for one must say that there is not many Artists in the music world that do that. So it goes to show that Miss FD values all the fans and the following that she has. Her first single Together Forever was released in December  of 2009 as a digital only release. Her first full album Monsters in the Industry was released in April of 2010 in the same format.   I’m sure after hearing just how AMAZING these albums  are you will agree on why Miss FD has the Following she has! While some Miss FD’s  influences include industry greats such as KMFDM and Assemblage 23 of which I have put mixes on this site before for you guys. Miss FD has a truly unique sound all of her own. Of which is defined by her amazing vocals and excellent melodies of her songs. A great example of this would be Thunder In The Blood as in my opinion it is just a truly  amazing song!

Don’t Just take my word for it though  you can go check out her Website here for a few studio versions of her tracks from her Monsters in the Industry album, Tour dates, The Miss FD Blog, and a plethora of other information as well. Still like what you hear well  you can purchase the album or the single from On-Line digital download stores such as Itunes and You also can become a friend of Miss FD on Myspace for those of you that still use it over here.Not a Myspace person or gave up Myspace along time ago that’s OK as well Miss as FD can be found on Twitter @missfdmusic . Or for you Facebook users your in luck as well just click here to become a fan.

I actually feel honored to feature Miss FD on my blog here as Miss FD has been featured on websites such as Fearnet and ReGen! So my thanks at this time to Miss FD for being Involved in this spotlight of her on my blog.